Monday 31 March 2014

FMS 15mm Modern Tents packs released!

"Veritable tent city it was.  Well it would be, they was all in tents at the time.  A whole town evacuated before the K-Strain took the streets and the dead heads were stumbling all over the shop. We put bullets into the heads of every Zed we seen and kept those people safe...well nearly all of them.  Few of the tents got some extra visitors."

FMS01 Modern Tents
FMS02 Torn Modern Tents
We have two brand new codes on which are the first in our resin scenics series.  15mm Modern Tents.  Excellent little models which come in two styles that being normal and ruined for your wargaming pleasure.  They are as below:

FMS01 Modern Tents (Two Different Models).  2.00GBP.  HERE
FMS02 Torn Modern Tents (Two Different Models).  2.00GBP.  HERE

Click on the links to learn more.  As with our other packs you can choose to buy one or if you buy three packs you will save 10% just choose the option from the drop down menu on the product page.  These are super for all kinds of settings from present day to near future to post apocalypse, horror gaming and Zombie Survival too. They are about 20mm to 25mm wide or long.  Here is a scale shot with a HOF miniature.

The Salute 2014 code is in effect so you can get 15% off all orders using a special code.  You can also choose to collect your order from us at the show and save on the postage.  Go HERE for the details and code.

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RAP008 Sirrus APC revealed!

RAP008 The Sirrus APC
Back before the full release of Loud Ninja Games products onto I told you all in a blog post that we would be taking over the production of the resin RAP008 Sirrus APC and making it ourselves here in the UK.  This would be alongside all of the white metal Space Raptors.  Well we have!

Rear View
A view of the Underside
Although we have actually been shipping out the Sirrus in orders for two weeks now it was only this weekend that we got a painted up version ready.  This is to my knowledge the first painted example on the internet anywhere so please enjoy.

This is a lovely vehicle and aside from being supplied with six white metal guns (the kickstarter featured resin guns) its exactly the same as that vehicle.  As with the rest of the Loud Ninja Games products there is a value bundle platoon pack of these. Check it out!

The Bare Model
The Original Concept Art
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Monday 24 March 2014

Laserburn V008 Glaive and V009 Imperial Scout Car all varients released!

The V008 Glaive and V009 Imperial Scout Car!
Its time for another re-mastered re-release for the Laserburn 15mm science fiction classic range at and what a massive one it is.  Some might say its the most eagerly anticipated vehicle release possible for Laserburn as it means that once more from the dim distance of the 1980's the V008 Glaive APC and the V009 Imperial Scout Car are both back in production!

Re-Mastered into high quality grey tone resin (and new white metal molds) these vehicles can now be bought with a choice of four, yes four, different means of propulsion.  The options are Tracked, Hover, Wheeled and Anti-Gravity meaning you can tailor your forces to suit your campaign.  These propulsion options are open to the Glaive and the Imperial Scout Car.  Click on the links below to be taken to each of the vehicles or just click the main link for the Laserburn Page to scroll through them.

V008A Glaive APC Anti-Gravity
V008T Glaive APC Tracked
V008H Glaive APC Hover
V008W Glaive APC Wheeled

RT01 Robo-Turrets

V009A Imperial Scout Car Anti-Gravity
V009T Imperial Scout Car Tracked
V009H Imperial Scout Car Hover
V009W Imperial Scout Car Wheeled

Each vehicle is priced at 5.00GBP and just like our other products you have the choice of buying three and saving 10% off regular prices (just choose that from the drop menu on the page).  The RT Robo Turrets work well with all the vehicles for added customisation of payloads.

V008B5 Glaive Mega Bundle
V009B5 Imperial Scout Car Mega Bundle
But that is not all.  We have had more than a hundred messages asking for a bundle offer on the Glaive and the Imperial Scout Car and we love nothing more than a bundle so we have created two of them.   Each bundle gives you five vehicles (you choose from the drop down menu your preferred propulsion type) and three sprues of four Robo-Turrets (12) and a squad of four Imperial Scout miniatures free.  This means an 18% saving (5.80GBP) off separate purchase and gives you a full starter platoon of vehicles for only 25.00GBP.  Click on the links below to visit the bundles or go to our deals and offers page to see the latest there.

V008B5 Glaive APC Mega Bundle
V009B5 Imperial Scout Car Mega Bundle

Its great to see the Glaive APC and the Imperial Scout Car back in full production in this new medium of resin.  New life and a new purpose for some of the most venerable 15mm there is for science fiction fans.   These vehicles are quite unlike those being modelled today and are capable of not only far future desperate battles but also a post apocolypse setting or being given to more savage alien races.

Remember that you can get 15% off all orders using our special Salute code (until 14th April 2014) and have the option of collecting your order from us on the day at Salute if you wish.  Go to our blog post for full details and the code HERE.

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Tuesday 18 March 2014

Salute 2014 Season for and releases

Its that time of year again and is making its annual convention series of offers!  We will be attending Salute 2014 at Excel in London on Saturday the 12th of April 2014 as part of Alternative Armies trade stand.  Alternative Armies trade stand is TF07 and our theme this year is 'The Ion Age - 15mm Science Fiction'.  Our sister websites Alternative Armies and The Ion Age also have promotions running and are on our trade stand.

The Ion Age theme means that we will not be bringing any of our other ranges this year, that means no Flintloque and Slaughterloo or High Fantasy from Alternative Armies. No 15mm Fantasy or 15mm Historicals or Science Fiction (but the latest HOF 15mm Science Fiction will be there) from The products at stand TF07 on the day  will be entirely 15mm Ion Age range (miniatures, resin, terrain and books).

Code is: salute01

To that end we are offering a code to get 15% off any and all online orders with us valid until Monday 14th April 2014.  This offer is open to all customers across the world. If you are not attending then use it! If you are attending then use it!  As before we have the option to 'collect at salute' if you are attending which will save you the postage charge too.  If you choose to collect in person then, regardless if its from Alternative Armies or or The Ion Age your package will be waiting for you with your name on it at Stand TF07, ask for it by name.

Use the code 'salute01' as it appears here during the checkout process on page two of the process (that is after you enter your payment details) on same page page as your postage choice in the  DISCOUNT box and your product total will automatically reduce 15% on screen.  Choose Collect at Salute if you are coming on the day and save the postage too.   Attending or Not Attending use The Code!  Go along to our other websites where they are offering 15% off all orders and collection on the day too.  You can learn more about promo codes on this page of our website.

We have a number of releases coming up during the promotion period up to 14th April.  We are always fair to our customers so here is a listing of those release so that you may time your orders if you wish to wait until a particular release is made:

March 18th – HOT95 Ghosts  (go here)
March 24th – V008 Laserburn Glaive APC (all variants)
March 24th – V009 Laserburn Imperial Scount Car vehicle (all variants)
March 31st – FMS01 15mm Modern Tents
March 31st – FMS02 15mm Torn Modern Tents
March 31st -  HOT34 Wyvern Remastered and Custom Pack

The discount code can be used to save on all of these new releases.

On the day of Salute 2014 we will have select brand new codes on the trade stand (TF07) which will be released ON THAT DAY for you to purchase (appearing on the website soon after) when beyond this promotional period.  These are:

HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret  (Resin and White Metal Kit)   
HOF28 Charger  APC (Resin and White Metal Kit)   

Two new HOF Codes created for use with Alien Squad Leader 2.0 or if you prefer any other 15mm game system such as USEME.  We will be having an introductory offer on them so not to worry!

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HOT95 Ghosts now Released!

HOT95 Ghosts
Wooo!  Scary new 15mm miniature in the HOT Fantasy range.  A pack created on the back of customer requests we present HOT95 Ghosts.

Rising from the ground in a mist like form these tortured souls return from the otherside of the veil to do your bidding if you can master them.  They also make excellent Fire Elementals with a different paint job on them.  Designed by Elton Waters.

HOT95 rear view
This code contains 10 white metal 15mm scale miniatures in a random mix of three different poses.  Approx 15mm tall. Great for inclusion in any fantasy 15mm setting and HOTT or other army as Sneakers or Lurkers and such.  As with all HOT 15mm Fantasy codes you can purchase one pack or you can choose three packs and save 10% off the price automatically on screen.  You can also choose a sampler which gives you one of each pose of miniature from this pack; a great way to try or to make skirmish forces with HOT. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  Go HERE.
Ghosts surprise an Orc Shaman (from HOT91 Orc Command)
This new release and every other product on is part of the Salute 2014 promo period offer until April 14th 2014.  You can get 15% off your orders with a special code.  Applies to orders be delivered or picked up from us on the day (no postage!).  Go HERE for the code and more details.

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SHM Range now over a hundred different miniatures!

SHM01 Snake Alien
Back in 2009 when I had the idea for the SHM Range to add it to I did not think that it would ever have over a hundred new designs to its name but with the release of the new 15mm Prang a couple of weeks ago it now does!

This total includes all of the SHM codes themselves in both fantasy and science fiction but also the whole Star Viking range that is classed in the wider sense as part of SHM with its space dwarves, space orcs and space warriors.  I was going to announce this a while back but I decided to hold back and ask if I could mark it in some way.  So now we can!

Two special announcements that apply to the SHM Range.

Firstly you can get 15% off your orders for any miniatures from the range with use of the promo code valid until 14th April 2014.  You can get the code and full details HERE.

Secondly I have gotten authorisation to make SHM01 Snake Alien, the very first miniature in the range, half price for the next couple of weeks.  That means its 50% off and you can use the promotional offer code on this too...heck its virtually free at that point!  Go along to our deals and offers page.

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Tuesday 11 March 2014

USEME Series back online with PDF Versions!

The migration period of is now complete as the collection of all the USEME Series of titles as paid for downloads has moved over onto this very blog.  That's right you can purchase any of the current twelve (with three more in the works) USEME titles as printed books on the website or on this blog as purpose designed PDF's.  Purpose designed and only 5.00USD by paypal direct from the link with the whale (to our online partner Oronjo) with instant pay and download.  

I take a lot of pride in these downloaded versions of the printed books as I have said before.  Some companies just convert and publish from print but not us, no.  I took the time and our PDF folders contain a fully linked up, laid out version taken from print but also a separate 'ease print' version with all images removed if you are short on home ink.  Plus separate colour covers.  Suits all comers this way. So far we have sold more than a thousand USEME downloads and I hope to see many more.  Excellent value and excellent feedback too from wargamers.

Here is the current list of the print and download titles for USEME.

UM001 15mm Science Fiction
UM002 15mm High Fantasy
UM003 World War Two (15mm and 20mm)
UM004 Modern Warfare (15mm and 20mm)
UM005 15mm American Civil War
UM006 Starship Battles
UM007 15mm Post Apocalypse
UM008 15mm Wild West
UM009 Zombie Dawn
UM010 Support Pack
UM011 15mm Cyberpunk
UM013 Eldritch Horror 

Something for a great many different wargamers here and all of them using a couple of D6 and taking only minutes to learn.

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Monday 10 March 2014

Space Raptors Range Released!

Let us shake your hands across the Atlantic Ocean.  These are great miniatures and an awesome idea. Here is to something really original in the science fiction wargaming industry that would not have existed without a lot of effort from all of us and the loyalty of fans. Welcome Loud Ninja Games from all of us here at  Welcome to the family. Now its time to set the Chuhuac loose upon the whole world!

RAP001 Chuhuac Troopers - 6 Per Pack
Visit the Loud Ninja Games page on to see all of the codes and value packs too.  HERE.
Want to know more about the origins of the Chuhuac Space Raptors and Loud Ninja Games. HERE.
Want to see Space Raptors in combat with miniatures from and from The Ion Age. HERE.

RAP009 Chuhuac Grav Bikes - 3 Per Pack
Been a long time coming but today is the day...March 10th 2014.  All packs and codes released!

Pack Codes
RAP001 Chuhuac Troopers (6)  
RAP002 Chuhuac Leaders and Support Weapons (6)  
RAP003 Chuhuac Command Section (4) 
RAP004 Chuhuac Herdmaster (1) 
RAP005 Chuhuac Spec Ops (6)
RAP006 Chuhuac Assault Troopers (6)
RAP007 Chuhuac Battlesuits (2) 
RAP008 Sirrus APC (1)
RAP009 Chuhuac Grav Bikes (3)
RAP010 28mm Chuhuac Alphas  (3) 
RAP011 28mm Chuhuac Troopers (3) 

RAP007 Battlesuits with RAP004 Chuhuac Herd Master
Value Pack Codes
RAP007P Chuhuac Battlesuit Section (6) (save 5%)
RAP008P Sirrus APC Platoon (3) (save 5%)
RAP009P Chuhuac Grav Bike Wing (9) (save 5%)
RAP001P Chuhuac Platoon (28) (save 5%)
RAP004P Chulhuac Herd (75) (save 10%)

Have a look and pick up what you want but watch your fingers and be careful they bite!


Loud Ninja Games presents the Space Raptors

This blog post is a round up of the original pages of the Lound Ninja Games Kickstarter which ended on the 9th of November 2012. supplies these miniatures and models and we thought it would be nice for those who came to the Space Raptors later on to be able to read what was said back at the start.  Visit LNG on its page on our website or their blog directly.  See them in action on this blog here.

A range of 15mm scale science fiction miniatures depicting high-tech dinosaur aliens.

Resembling the Dromaeosaurs of the Earth's prehistoric past, the Chuhuac are a species of warm-blooded saurian aliens hailing from the world of Sherawl. The name Chuhuac is a simplification   in the common language of the greater galactic community, the actual tonal and vocal pronunciation being a distinctly saurian sound with avian overtones. Properly pronounced, the species name sound something like, "CHOO-Hwaaaaa-k-k-k". The word starts with a low, guttural chuffing sound that trails into a low keyed whistle and ends with a three beat clucking/clicking sound in the back of the throat.

The exact origins of the Chuhuac are unknown, even to the species themselves. According to their historians, they were "nested" upon their home world of Sherawl by a great Star Mother who laid her celestial eggs on the world where she would watch over them until they hatched and then disappear into the stars. This myth and archaeological evidence would indicate that the species is not native to the planet but rather was seeded or came to the world of their own volition eons ago.

Examinations of the archaeological evidence indicates that at the time of the first signs of culture on the planet, the technology level of the world was actually much higher than it currently is but, declined suddenly and then had to work its way back to its current level. Culture also seems to have dwindled and then rekindled itself, suggesting that perhaps the Chuhuac did indeed come from some other place but for whatever reason were not able to maintain a society.

The history of this saurian species mirrors that of most intelligent species with the notable exception that occasional bursts in the species' development occurred as bits and pieces of ancient technologies were recovered from the various ruins of their ancestors. Discovery, war, famine, enlightenment and near apocalypse are recurring themes throughout the thousands of years of continuous growth from their clouded past. Dating technology indicates that Chuhuac habitation on Sherawl may date back tens of thousands of years farther than their recorded history. Unfortunately none of the artifacts recovered from the original "nesting" sights has revealed any definitive data on where they came from or why they came to the planet or even if it was their intended destination.

The modern Chuhuac are an advanced culture with high level of technology that includes a mastery of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, intergalactic travel and a host of other sophisticated sciences. A part of the greater galactic community, the Chuhuac possess energy weapons as well as force field technologies and have vehicles that use gravitic drives both in military and civilian applications. Though they do trade with other species, these saurians are mostly insular and distrustful of outsiders. This has led to more than one conflict with neighboring systems including a nearby collection of systems populated by various saurian species known to the Chuhuac as "The Prey Worlds", a name that is accurately indicates the relationship between the Sherawl and these other worlds.

Loud Ninja Games is a new miniatures company that I decided to start to bring out some amazing ideas that have been trapped in the recesses of my imagination for years. To kick off the company I chose to run with one of my oldest and most dear concepts - science fiction Velociraptor style aliens.
These "Space Raptors" have been a dream of mine for over a decade now. I had doodled them, thought about them, planned them, even used them in role-playing games and so it only seemed natural that, when I decided to start my own miniatures line, they be the flagship release. When it comes down to it, how can you not love the idea of one of prehistory's most efficient and thrilling predators, tricked out with armor, guns, gear and zooming through the cosmos. What is more evocative than the image of armored raptor warriors darting across the battlefield, raining down a hail of energy bolts from their advanced weapons, eventually closing with their enemies to put them under a sickle claw.


Called the Chuhuac (CHOO-hwok), the initial project release includes to packs, each made up of six unique poses of 15mm scale metal miniatures - 

RAP001 Chuhuac Troopers (6)

RAP002 Chuhuac Leaders and Support Weapons (6)

RAP003 Chuhuac Command Section (4)

RAP004 Chuhuac Herdmaster (1)

RAP005 Chuhuac Spec Ops (6)

RAP006 Chuhuac Assault Troopers (6) 

With the infantry taken care of the Space Raptors expanded through strech goals to include Battlesuits, a vehicle and Grav Bikes plus 28mm Space Raptors.

RAP007 Battlesuits Concept
RAP009 Grav Bikes Concept
RAP008 Sirrus APC Concept
RAP007 Chuhuac Battlesuits (2)

RAP008 Sirrus APC (1)

RAP009 Chuhuac Grav Bikes (3)

RAP010 28mm Chuhuac Alphas (3)

RAP011 28mm Chuhuac Troopers (3)

With all of the packs and codes laid out there were also some special bundle offers with a saving of 5% to 10% off normal prices.  These have been transposed to on the whole and are as below:
RAP007P Chuhuac Battlesuit Section (6)

RAP008P Sirrus APC Platoon (3)

RAP009P Chuhuac Grav Bike Wing (9)

RAP001P Chuhuac Platoon (28)

RAP004P Chulhuac Herd (75)

Space Raptors in Action!

These Loud Ninja Games miniatures are so cool.  Who could fail to adore Space Raptors for their wargaming.  Check them out on the website.  But for sure you will want to see what they get up to on the field of battle so here is a little taste of it.  Enjoy and look to the captions for what is going on in each image. 

RAP009 Grav Bikes zoom out of the trees!
Ion Age Havelock and Retained vs Chuhuac Raptors and Battlesuits!
RAP006 Chuhuac Assault Troops try to take the hill from HOF SFA Elite Troopers
A SHM66 Skorath Merc takes aim at RAP009 Grav Bikes
RAP001 Chuhuac Troopers attack Ion Age Noblesse and Banner
RAP006 Assault Troopers and RAP007 Battlesuits advance!
RAP010 28mm Chuhuac next to a 28mm PM Trooper of The Ion Age
RAP010 and RAP011 28mm Space Raptor Squad!
Makes you feel all scaly eh!