Friday 27 May 2016

HOT104 Anti-Paladins released!

We are delighted to announce the release of the next pack in the massive and awesome HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.  Following up on the HOT103 Cockatrice we present the HOT104 Anti-Paladins a pack of evil chaotic aligned heavy infantry for any fantasy wargame system.  Go HERE or read on for more details and images.

"We rode north as one. A thousand Men sworn by the mother church to defend the lands against the darkness and perversion that threatened us. Little did we know that the darkness lingers not deep from the surface in some Men. As we rode the voices whispers and shadows lucked in the forests and soon one then another and another fell away until when we came to the snow line there were but four hundred left and we had seen no foe. It was then our faith was splintered as ahead we saw our brother knights but they were not as they had been. Twisted and filled with the bane of life they were now of the darkness. Evil is all the more when once it was good."

HOT104 Anti-Paladins
This pack contains ten white metal 15mm scale miniatures in a random inclusive mix of four different poses evenly supplied.  The poses are an evil knight in plate armour bare headed with sword raised and shield, evil knight in full plate and helm with sword and crescent moon shield, evil knight in full plate bone armour and helm with sword lowered and lastly a female evil knight in chain mail with sword and axe.  As with all HOT 15mm Fantasy codes you can purchase one pack or you can choose three packs and save 10% off the price automatically on screen.  You can also choose a sampler which gives you one of each pose of miniature from this pack; a great way to try or to make skirmish forces with HOT.  Use the drop down menu. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.  Items shown with miniatures are for example only and not supplied.  Shown in 20mm square bases.  Go HERE.

Here are some more images in detail of the poses from this pack.  Superb 15mm scale sculpting by Sam Croes.  The first image is a scale shot with the original 28mm scale Anti-Paladins by Alternative Armies (code VNT20 which you can see HERE on their website).  Many of the HOT packs are scaled down from our sister site Alternative Armies high fantasy range in the VNT, OH, DH and so on code structures.  We may do more if this pack hits the spot.

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Friday 20 May 2016

Painting the New 15mm Cockatrice Monster

Welcome to the fourth article for Age of Might and Steel by Andy Jefcoate a great fan of 15mm fantasy wargaming.  Andy has lots more articles to come which will feature on our blog while this time he shows off his painted up new HOT103 Cockatrice monster from the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.  If you missed any of the previous articles you can find them by clicking on the links here. Last time Andy talked and shows his painting and use of our HOB1 Human Starter Settlement set of 15mm fantasy buildings see that HERE.  If you missed his article on Zombies you can read that HERE and if you passed over his excellent first article on building a Goblin Army for Age of Might and Steel (AoMaS) you can see that HERE.  We hope you enjoy and all comments or emails are most welcome. Follow the links in the text to visit our website for the rules and miniatures mentioned. GBS

Painting the new 15mm Cockatrice!

Thanks to Gavin I was lucky enough to receive a casting of the new 15mm Cockatrice figure ahead of its release date. I immediately liked it a lot as the casting is very clean with a good level of detail and the pose is good, with it's wings raised in a threatening gesture and one foot poised to strike! 

It is supplied in 3 white metal pieces with the wings provided separately which I always like as the angle of the wings can change the look of a figure dramatically. I was happy with how the finished figure looked so I thought that I'd explain how I went about painting it.

1. After minimal cleaning of the casting I started by gluing the wings to the body and then gluing the figure to a 40mm x 30mm stand to fit in with my collection of AoMaS figures. Once the glue was dry I undercoated the figure in a matt black paint. As stated in an earlier article I like to use acrylic paints as they dry quickly. 

2. I then added my basing material by stirring fine sand into paint of the colour I want the bases to be and put it on. For my current 15mm fantasy armies I'm using a sandy brown as the base colour. The figure was then left overnight to dry.

3. I started by painting the largest area of the figure which was the scaly body and wings. These were done in a dark green but as it is a creature I used a dark camouflage green to give a more natural look.

4. Next I covered the belly and along the underside of the tail in a pale yellow to contrast with the dark green. I painted this in stripes so that the bands along the stomach and tail were clearly visible.

 5.  With the larger areas complete it was time to put the base colour on smaller areas. The feet and beak were painted in a dark yellow, the tongue and crests on the head were painted in a dark red, the feathered areas at the top of the legs and on the head were done in a light grey and the claws and teeth were done in a pale brown.

6. I then covered the whole of the figure in a black ink wash. There is a nice level of detail on the casting so as the ink dries it brings this out and dulls down the colours. It also has the effect of creating areas of shade which gives a good boundary between the individual colours, but also tying them together. To make sure that the ink was completely dry I again left the figure overnight.

7. It was then time to add some brighter colours by dry-brushing them on to the main areas. I used a light camouflage green on the wings and body which highlighted the raised areas on the wings and the individual scales nicely. I then used a white over the feathered areas to make them stand out, before putting a lighter red on the crests on the creatures head.  

8. To add a final level of detail the beak was covered in a lighter yellow, the claws were all given an overlay of a bone colour and the eyes were painted red.

 9. The same bone colour was used to dry-brush over the sandy base as I've done with all of my 15mm fantasy collection. I then gave the figure a coat of matt spray varnish to protect it.

10. Finally once the varnish had dried I added static grass to the  base using PVA glue to fit in with the green of my terrain tiles. As the base then matched the rest of my collection it means that I can freely swap the Cockatrice between armies (which is especially useful with monsters) and it will immediately fit in.

I enjoyed painting this figure immensely. I'm building a fair sized collection of monsters to use with AoMaS and a Cockatrice was something I didn't have previously. I plan to highlight my collection of monsters in a later article. 

In the AoMaS game this Cockatrice could have the following stats.

Magical Creature Align: Evil
Move: Walk or Fly Moral Effect: None
Combat Effect: Each figure is counted as a stand
Magic: Magic Attack (-1 to attack base number)

Although the Cockatrice is a monster it isn't a large figure with the top of the crest on the head being about 25mm from the ground. However, with it's wings spread and tail raised it looks bigger than it actually is. As I write this I'm thinking about how this figure could easily be used as the mount for a character or even as the mounts for a unit of heavy cavalry which would look very imposing on the tabletop!

In the meantime I would recommend buying a Cockatrice (or two, or three) to add to your own collection; you won't be disappointed. 

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Thursday 19 May 2016

Base in the Place! Classic 16mm Round Thin and Lipped bases return!

All of us at are delighted to announce the return of one of the favourite bases from our ranges.  New molds and a new code LBA8.  Also now with the option of buy more and save more on the page.  Go HERE or read on for more information.

LBA8 16mm Circular Lipped Metal Bases
Our fantastic original 16mm round lipped thin white metal base is ideal for 15mm wargame miniatures.  It is 1mm thick and rimmed for inclusion of basing effect if you choose to apply it.  Now back in production and a firm favourite with Laserburn players.  Very durable and tight fitting to your miniatures it gives them a solid standing on the gaming table.  As you can see from the image they have a lovely look and feel great too. Produced from top quality molds.

We offer a pack of 20 Bases and several other sizes of packs each with a saving over the twenty pack. Click on the drop down product menu on this page to see all the options.  You can select 20 Bases, 50 Bases saving 5%, 100 Bases saving 10% or the mighty 500 Bases saving a whopping 20% off list price.

Suitable for use with any 15mm Infantry or Creatures or even with other scales such as 6mm or as objective markers and parts of dioramas.  Go HERE.

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Friday 13 May 2016

SHM88 Bestial Cyclops and more released!

Welcome to the SHM (Self Help Miniatures) Range to a new aspiring designer Mr Craig Armstrong! Now released his first model in the range SHM88 Bestial Cyclops!  Go HERE or read on for more information.  Excellent work Craig!

SHM88 Bestial Cyclops
Got Greek Heroes or Post Apoc Warriors that need eaten?  This is the monster for you! This code contains one high quality grey tone resin miniature in three easy to assemble pieces.  When assembled this monster stands approx 55mm tall to the eye line.  Suitable for use in 15mm scale and in 28mm scale.  This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted.  Supplied with a 40mm Square base.  You can choose to purchase one pack or use the drop down option on the product page to select buy three and save 10% on screen.  Images show the miniature from different angles and also alongside a 15mm scale miniature (16mm tall) and a 28mm scale miniature (28mm tall).  7.00GBP. Go HERE.

Alternative Armies and 
team up this week with two releases in the SHM Range!

The SHM Range is expanding on to its own new page at Alternative Armies with the first new miniature for a new designer Greg Saunders!  That is correct 28mm scale SHM for the first time.  Go HERE to our sister site or go HERE to our website.  Here is what Alternative Armies has released by Greg and it is also on our website too!

SHM89 Vivaki the Hunger Bird
A demon, a construct, summoned by a wizard or the native monster of a fantasy world the Vivaki is all these things.  Something really strange for your fantasy collection.  This code contains one white metal single piece miniature.  The monster stands approx 50mm tall to the eye line and 60mm in length from tail to mouth.  Suitable for use in 28mm scale and in 15mm scale.  This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted.  Images show the miniature from different angles and also alongside a 15mm scale miniature (16mm tall) and a 28mm scale miniature (28mm tall).  12.00GBP.  Go HERE.

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Wednesday 11 May 2016

Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy third wave singles and packs released!

The Sengoku range of 15mm scale Japanese Fantasy sculpted by John Bell is the largest such range in the world! It now has sixty plus single codes and packs as well as three complete sets and two HOTT 2nd Edition 24AP Armies supplied with all needed element bases.  Great for Japan themed games or spicing up your 15mm fantasy or pulp or post-apocalyptic collections among many others. As well as Male and Female warriors there are Male and Female Buddhist monks.  There are Goblins and Kappa was well as Tengu and Oni.  Sengoku has Ghosts, Snakes and Monsters plus centipede, snake and spider bodied warriors and monsters.  School Girls in Japanese uniforms and now Goblin Cavalry, Plant Sprits, Ghosts and Tanuki.  Go HERE for the range page where all the miniatures are.

We are proud to announce the release of the third wave of Sengoku miniatures.  Here is a list of the new codes, singles, packs and set.  Go HERE.

SGFP13 The Sengoku Set III 
Twenty Three Japanese 15mm Fantasy Miniatures - The Full Sengoku III Set!
23 white metal miniatures designed by John Bell suitable for use in any oriental themed 15mm scale game system or army. This is a set containing one of every pose in the second set of the range SGF41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50A,50B,51A,51B,52A,52B,53A,53B,54,55,56,57,58 and SGF59.  Assembly required. The pack offers a small saving off single purchases of those codes.  Get one of everything!

SGFP14 Goblin Cavalry on Uma-No-Jaku Pack (4)  
This pack contains four riders and four mounts taken from SGF50A, SGF51A, SGF52A, SGF53A and the pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP15  Goblin Cavalry on Kutsutsura Pack (4)
This pack contains four riders and four mounts taken from SGF50B, SGF51B, SGF52B, SGF53B and the pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP16 Goblins and Tanuki Pack (12)
This pack contains twelve miniatures randomly taken from but including all of SGF41, SGF42, SGF43, SGF44, SGF45, SGF46 and SGF48 plus the pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP17 Sengoku Skeleton Pack (12)
This pack contains twelve miniatures randomly taken from but including all of SGF54, SGF55, SGF56 plus the pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP18 Plant Spirits, Cotton Ghost and Snake Demon Pack (8)
This pack contains eight miniatures randomly taken from but including all of SGF47, SFG49, SGF57, SGF58 and SGF59 plus the pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGF41 Goblin Commander with Katana  
SGF42 Tanuki Commander with Katana 
SGF43 Tanuki Merchant 
SGF44 Woodcutter 
SGF45 Goblin Shaman
SGF46 Tanuki Shamen 
SGF47 Boroboroton Cotton Ghost
SGF48 Goblin Flag Bearer 
SGF49 Twin Kamaitachi Creature 
SGF50A Goblin Cavalry with Katana on Uma-No-Jaku 
SGF50B Goblin Cavalry with Katana on Kutsutsura
SGF51A Goblin Cavalry with Katana on Uma-No-Jaku 
SGF51B Goblin Cavalry with Katana on Kutsutsura 
SGF52A Goblin Cavalry with Bow on Uma-No-Jaku 
SGF52B Goblin Cavalry with Bow on Kutsutsura 
SGF53A Goblin Cavalry with Bow on Uma-No-Jaku 
SGF53B Goblin Cavalry with Bow on Kutsutsura 
SGF54 Skeleton with Bow 
SGF55 Skeleton with Katana 
SGF56 Skeleton in Armour with Yari 
SGF57 Hosta Yokai evil plant spirit 
SGF58 Eritategoromo spirit of the kimono 
SGF59 Female Demon Snake

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