Tuesday 11 March 2014

USEME Series back online with PDF Versions!

The migration period of 15mm.co.uk is now complete as the collection of all the USEME Series of titles as paid for downloads has moved over onto this very blog.  That's right you can purchase any of the current twelve (with three more in the works) USEME titles as printed books on the website or on this blog as purpose designed PDF's.  Purpose designed and only 5.00USD by paypal direct from the link with the whale (to our online partner Oronjo) with instant pay and download.  

I take a lot of pride in these downloaded versions of the printed books as I have said before.  Some companies just convert and publish from print but not us, no.  I took the time and our PDF folders contain a fully linked up, laid out version taken from print but also a separate 'ease print' version with all images removed if you are short on home ink.  Plus separate colour covers.  Suits all comers this way. So far we have sold more than a thousand USEME downloads and I hope to see many more.  Excellent value and excellent feedback too from wargamers.

Here is the current list of the print and download titles for USEME.

UM001 15mm Science Fiction
UM002 15mm High Fantasy
UM003 World War Two (15mm and 20mm)
UM004 Modern Warfare (15mm and 20mm)
UM005 15mm American Civil War
UM006 Starship Battles
UM007 15mm Post Apocalypse
UM008 15mm Wild West
UM009 Zombie Dawn
UM010 Support Pack
UM011 15mm Cyberpunk
UM013 Eldritch Horror 

Something for a great many different wargamers here and all of them using a couple of D6 and taking only minutes to learn.

Thanks for Reading.


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