Wednesday 5 March 2014

Space Raptors Spring on the Scene Soon!

Though they have been hissing and hiding their way about for many months the Space Raptors, or the Chuhuac to give them their proper name are about to go public on our website.  Now that the Kickstarter that brought to them to life is over the codes will be for sale as regular releases in the LNG page of  This will happen on Monday 10th March 2014.

Here is a listing of the codes we will be putting up on Monday:
RAP001 Chuhuac Troopers (6) 
RAP002 Chuhuac Leaders and Support Weapons (6)
RAP003 Chuhuac Command Section (4)
RAP004 Chuhuac Herdmaster (1)
RAP005 Chuhuac Spec Ops (6)
RAP006 Chuhuac Assault Troopers (6)
RAP007 Chuhuac Battlesuits (2)
RAP008 Sirrus APC (1)
RAP009 Chuhuac Grav Bikes (3)
RAP010 28mm Chuhuac Alphas (3)
RAP011 28mm Chuhuac Troopers (3)

There are also bigger packs that offer savings and ready made platoons and wings:

RAP007P Chuhuac Battlesuit Section (6)
RAP008P Sirrus APC Platoon (3)
RAP009P Chuhuac Grav Bike Wing (9)
RAP001P Chuhuac Platoon (28)
RAP004P Chulhuac Herd (75)

A little teaser picture too.  We will have high quality images of all the Space Raptor Miniatures but not of the Sirrus APC as that is not quite ready (another post on this soon).

Chuhuac attack backed up with battlesuits!
As always your comments and input is valued so let me know what you are thinking. We welcome LNG to the fold and wish them every succes in the future.  Roll on next Monday!



  1. Yes I'll be getting some more grav bikes & battlesuits; I'm thinking of getting a full platoon (27) Battlesuits.

    1. Looking forward to it Paul. Also when you paint up your Battlesuit platoon I would love to see it. They are lovely kits.


    2. ZOMG! Full platoon of Battlesuits. MUST SEE!

  2. I can hear battle their cry... Eli! Eli!

    They just look so very cool. Congratulations LNG. Very happy to see the Chuhuac have found a good home.

    1. Ha! Good one Peabody. Thanks for the kind words too.


    2. Thank you very much, Peabody.

      With's partnership, I'll be able to make the Chuhuac available on both sides of the pond and focus on creating more LNG goodies.

  3. It's going to take a while to get the full Battlesuit platoon unless I get employed soon.

    Plus I need some more grav bikes might just get a RAP009P Chuhuac Grav Bike Wing (9) add in the 3 I've got already & just split 'em into 2 6 bike squads; 1 squad with my infantry company 2nd squad with my mechanised company.

    What figures are going to be in the RAP004P Chulhuac Herd (75) ?

    1. Hello Paul,

      RAP004P Chulhuac Herd (75) (RAP001x4,RAP002x4,RAP003x2, RAP004x1, RAP005x3)

      Hope this helps.