Sunday 29 December 2013

HOF103 Rim Mercenaries II released!

HOF103 Rim Mercenaries II
HOF103 Rear View

HOF103 Rim Mercenaries II
This pack contains ten white metal 15mm scale miniatures in a mix of three different poses. Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.

The outer edge of Human Space is a dangerous place filled with planetary brush wars, raiders and alien menace. Sometimes your local governor just has to bite the bullet and call in the mercenaries. Tough and capable and paid by the day these fellow will keep you safe for a price. 

Added to our existing HOF54 Rim Mercenaries, HOF82 Rim Mercenaries Patrol and HOF83 Rim Mercenary Support is our fourth pack in this part of the HOF Range. These mix ideally with the other packs for a varied force of a low to medium future tech level.

HOF54 Rim Mercenaries
HOF82 Rim Mercenaries Patrol
HOF83 Rim Mercenary Support
 You can see all of the Human Rim Mercenaries codes HERE.


Alien Squad Leader ASQL 2.0 will be in back in print 2014

The title of this post says it all really.  There will be a new print run of the Alien Squad Leader 2nd edition book in the first quarter of 2014.  More details nearer to the time but I can say that there will be new ASQL related miniature releases and an offer to go with the book being sold once more too.

I believe that Alien Squad Leader is one of the best 15mm element based wargames that there is and its author Alex Self created a generic system based on army templates that can be used with just about any setting.  In fact it is one of the prime reasons that 15mm Science Fiction as a genre has become so popular over the last five years as we have been told by the hundreds of wargamers who already own the book.

We have a list of person's who have expressed interest in being told when ASQL is to be sold once more.  All of those persons will be informed and if you would like to be on the list please send us an email to titled ASQL2.0.


Monday 2 December 2013

EH01 Flower of Evil released at

EH01 The Flower of Evil....chaotic and super nice!
The Flower of Evil is a one piece white metal miniature which stands 34mm tall to the top of its fleshy petals. Scupted by Sam Croes based on the infamous artwork by Edward Jackson in UM013 USEME Eldritch Horror this code is the first in our 'EH' range.  Suitable for use in many scale from 6mm to 15mm and 28mm and as a chaotic plant as well as alien life its a versatile piece.  You could also use it as a part of your table scenics, a unique and disturbing objective in your wargames. In addition we offer an option of buy three and save ten percent on this code as EH01T.  Get it HERE.

Scale Shot with HOF SFA miniature (16mm tall)
As for the name...well I was asked in the office.  I am a big fan of the awesome guitar man Lesley West of 'Mountain' fame.  The miniature is named after one of their albums!

Add more plants to your wargame collection with codes from the HOF Range.

HOF79 Alien Fauna

HOF46 Kreegan Doom Spores

Requests from 15mm Historical Wargamers do not go unanswered as the entire Blemye Range is fifteen percent off with single figure purchase for maximum flexibility and choice.

The Blemye (Cavalry, Infantry, Command and Elephant)

SN01 Snowmen

Lastly remember that the 15mm fun SN01 Snowmen are around only until the start of January 2014.


Preview Prang 2014 SHM goodness by Eli Arndt

Over on the  'I see Lead People' blog Eli Ardnt has posted up painted previews of the Prang which will be coming to the SHM Range for early in 2014.  While I cannot say much about this for the moment (for fear of being executed!) I thought I would share this with you all.

The Brand New Prang ready for Master Molding
Eli sculpts for us in the SHM range and he runs the Loud Ninja Games brand too.  He sees the Prang as toady types but I am not so sure.  They are great looking little chaps and Sam Croes asked me if he could paint them to match up to the existing sole SHM34 Prang we have, see below.  I said sure and I expect to have the results in early January.

So until next year when more information is around....Prang out!