Sunday 29 December 2013

HOF103 Rim Mercenaries II released!

HOF103 Rim Mercenaries II
HOF103 Rear View

HOF103 Rim Mercenaries II
This pack contains ten white metal 15mm scale miniatures in a mix of three different poses. Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.

The outer edge of Human Space is a dangerous place filled with planetary brush wars, raiders and alien menace. Sometimes your local governor just has to bite the bullet and call in the mercenaries. Tough and capable and paid by the day these fellow will keep you safe for a price. 

Added to our existing HOF54 Rim Mercenaries, HOF82 Rim Mercenaries Patrol and HOF83 Rim Mercenary Support is our fourth pack in this part of the HOF Range. These mix ideally with the other packs for a varied force of a low to medium future tech level.

HOF54 Rim Mercenaries
HOF82 Rim Mercenaries Patrol
HOF83 Rim Mercenary Support
 You can see all of the Human Rim Mercenaries codes HERE.


Alien Squad Leader ASQL 2.0 will be in back in print 2014

The title of this post says it all really.  There will be a new print run of the Alien Squad Leader 2nd edition book in the first quarter of 2014.  More details nearer to the time but I can say that there will be new ASQL related miniature releases and an offer to go with the book being sold once more too.

I believe that Alien Squad Leader is one of the best 15mm element based wargames that there is and its author Alex Self created a generic system based on army templates that can be used with just about any setting.  In fact it is one of the prime reasons that 15mm Science Fiction as a genre has become so popular over the last five years as we have been told by the hundreds of wargamers who already own the book.

We have a list of person's who have expressed interest in being told when ASQL is to be sold once more.  All of those persons will be informed and if you would like to be on the list please send us an email to titled ASQL2.0.


Monday 2 December 2013

EH01 Flower of Evil released at

EH01 The Flower of Evil....chaotic and super nice!
The Flower of Evil is a one piece white metal miniature which stands 34mm tall to the top of its fleshy petals. Scupted by Sam Croes based on the infamous artwork by Edward Jackson in UM013 USEME Eldritch Horror this code is the first in our 'EH' range.  Suitable for use in many scale from 6mm to 15mm and 28mm and as a chaotic plant as well as alien life its a versatile piece.  You could also use it as a part of your table scenics, a unique and disturbing objective in your wargames. In addition we offer an option of buy three and save ten percent on this code as EH01T.  Get it HERE.

Scale Shot with HOF SFA miniature (16mm tall)
As for the name...well I was asked in the office.  I am a big fan of the awesome guitar man Lesley West of 'Mountain' fame.  The miniature is named after one of their albums!

Add more plants to your wargame collection with codes from the HOF Range.

HOF79 Alien Fauna

HOF46 Kreegan Doom Spores

Requests from 15mm Historical Wargamers do not go unanswered as the entire Blemye Range is fifteen percent off with single figure purchase for maximum flexibility and choice.

The Blemye (Cavalry, Infantry, Command and Elephant)

SN01 Snowmen

Lastly remember that the 15mm fun SN01 Snowmen are around only until the start of January 2014.


Preview Prang 2014 SHM goodness by Eli Arndt

Over on the  'I see Lead People' blog Eli Ardnt has posted up painted previews of the Prang which will be coming to the SHM Range for early in 2014.  While I cannot say much about this for the moment (for fear of being executed!) I thought I would share this with you all.

The Brand New Prang ready for Master Molding
Eli sculpts for us in the SHM range and he runs the Loud Ninja Games brand too.  He sees the Prang as toady types but I am not so sure.  They are great looking little chaps and Sam Croes asked me if he could paint them to match up to the existing sole SHM34 Prang we have, see below.  I said sure and I expect to have the results in early January.

So until next year when more information is around....Prang out!


Tuesday 26 November 2013

Festive Season 2013 Begins - SN01 Evil Snowmen

South Pole, American Hegemony Station, Deep Winter 2082......

"Collins get him on his feet.  McBeardy what happened here?  Where's the rest of the staff?"

The snowfall had been heavy and lay all across the ice sheet making the dozen mercenaries of the Malamute Executive Response nervous.  The grav-copter had dropped them off less than five minutes ago and then fled before the oncoming storm trapped it.  As the team had made it way toward the buildings of the AH Station they had seen no sign of life.  No sign of the fifty wage slave and corporate staff or the detachment of guards with them.   What was going on?  The company had hired them and flown them in.  A lot of firepower for what might be a busted comms suite.

"McBeardy.  Can you hear me?  Where's the staff?  Why are you out here?"

Collins had shouldered his M104 Auto-Rifle and had McBeardy by the shoulders.  The scientist appeared to be barely concious and his clothes were torn, his feet bare.  He would be dead from exposure if they did not get him inside soon.  Sergeant Campbell was about to tell Collins to just drag McBeardy along with them when Collins screamed in terror and dropped the scientist to the ground.

"Collins.  What the hell are you doing?  Get him up, right fu....."

Sergeant Campbell trailed off and instead he, along with the rest of the mercenaries, watched open mouthed as McBeardy convulsed and then began to change.  His clothes burst and the ground around him was lashed by brown tendrils that dragged snow towards the scientist.  With a howl of inhuman origin what was once McBeardy rose to its feet its body bulking up and changing white.  In moments shapes took form upon the white body, a scarf, a hat and a wicked ice knife in gloved hands.  McBeardy was gone as his face imploded and was replaced by what looked like for all the world two pieces of coal and a carrot.  The snow made man for what was what is was turned on Collins and lunged at him arms outstreched.

"Fire.  Damn it, kill it.  Fire!"

SN01 Evil Snowmen (5 Pose Pack)
SN01 rear view
Its the start of a month of festive season fun for and as the little story above tells you its going to be a little mad too.  We have a brand new page on the website which you should refer to as over the coming weeks we will have not only new releases like SN01 above but also limited time offers on existing codes too.  We begin today and we end on 8th January and this is important if you like Snowmen in 15mm scale.  Read on!

SN01 Evil Snowmen - 5 Magic Creatures  2.50GBP
This code contains five different 15mm scale white metal miniatures.  Our not so friendly snowmen suitable for any festive themed scenario or army.  Each of them stands about 10mm tall and poses are hat with hatchet, top hat and candy cane, wool hat and rifle, saucepan and scarf, severed head and knife. Supplied Unpainted and without Bases

SN01 is our first code in what will be a yearly expanding range of festive themed miniatures.  They will only be for sale during the festive period of the year (until 8th January 2014) and will then be placed in storage until winter 2014 when they will be joined by another pack with something else Christmas themed.  Why have we made snowmen?  Same reason as most of our releases...wargamers asked for them!  Enjoy!  

SN01VB Evil Snowmen Horde - 20 Magic Creatures  9.00GBP
This code contains twenty 15mm scale white metal miniatures taken from five different poses.  Our not so friendly snowmen suitable for any festive themed scenario or army.  Each of them stands about 10mm tall and poses are hat with hatchet, top hat and candy cane, wool hat and rifle, saucepan and scarf, severed head and knife. Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.  This bumper value pack saves you 10% off list price!

Cold Thing - USEME Scenario
You might well have read the story at the top of this article.  Enjoyed it so far?  Yes?  Good stuff.  Well this tale is just a small part of an upcoming free USEME Scenario which will be published here on the blog as a download in a couple of weeks.  Keep watching for this.

Festive Season Current 15% Off Offers
Current special offers are as follows.  These will change on Monday next week so get in now.

HOT94 Jabberwock (1 Monster) (White Metal Kit). 
V106 Law Officer Air Raft (1 Vehicle) (Resin and White Metal Kit).

Thanks for Reading!


Friday 22 November 2013

Jay's Miniature Enterprises blog - Laserburn Hovervan

After looking at the TMP over the week I came across a topic posting called Juju Storm Assails Third Rate Smugglers and Their Cargo.  I was quite taken with this great intro so I clicked on it and was surprised to see a Laserburn Hovervan amid a sandstorm (as below).  I wanted to be sure, so I asked and Jay confirmed the sighting!

Jay says his Hovervan is one of the original white metal ones but of course now all Laserburn vehicles are cast in high quality grey tone resin.  You can see them in the Laserburn pages of

Have a look for yourselves.  Jay must have put a lot of effort into these images and the excellent story that accompanies them.  Imagination is key to wargaming especially in science fiction so applause from all of us here.  Well done Jay!


New TMP Board for 15mm Fantasy Miniatures

Today Bill, the editor of the mighty TMP (The Miniatures Page) announced two new message boards within the Fantasy section of the forums.  This is an excellent move as the 15mm science fiction board is a very active one on TMP.  Now 15mm and 28mm Fantasy players get the same chance at topics.

I was so taken with this news I put an impromptu special offer up on the new 15mm board concerning the HOT94 Jabberwock sculpted by Sam Croes.  You can read about it here.  If you are thinking you might want to take up the can!  Just follow the instructions.

I expect I will be seeing a lot of this new board on TMP as the HOT and TTF ranges on are very popular and we will be expanding both of them in 2014.


Wednesday 20 November 2013

V106 Laserburn Law Officer Air Raft re-released!

V106 Front View
V106 Left View
V106 Rear View
V106 Right View
Its our first release on this brand new blog and oddly enough its a classic Laserburn vehicle saved from oblivion by a re-mastering and conversion to resin production.  It joins the V101 Flit Car, V103 Hover Van, V010 Partizan Scout Car and V104 Hover Support Wagon on the Laserburn section's vehicle page as of now.  Visit the website to buy this and all other Laserburn products.

This example was painted by Sam Croes and it looks superb with added decals and base with flight stick.  Below you can see a scaling image with an Imperial Trooper from the Laserburn range.  Below that the release information.

V106 with 306 Imperial Trooper - scale shot
V106 Law Officer Air Raft

1 Resin and Metal Vehicle 5.00GBP

Law Enforcement anti-gravity platform perfect for any 15mm sci-fi setting. This code contains one high quality clean grey tone polyurethane resin casting of the Laserburn Law Officer Air Raft along with three separate white metal guns for the side mounts. Dimensions of this vehicle are approx 50mm in length and 30mm wide. Supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base or flight stand. A classic Laserburn model now re-mastered and produced in resin.


Tuesday 19 November 2013

Concepting in Snow for Christmas 2014

Quick posting on what is coming that is unique and special to this festive season on  The concept sketches you can see in the rough here gives more than a clue. Its....evil snowmen!

These will be coming real soon and will be shown here on the blog but for the moment I will answer the question of why.  Why make 15mm snowmen at all whether evil or benign?

Well for several reasons.  Firstly has had more than two hundred requests for killer snowmen since 2010 and that is enough to consider any subject for sculpting.  Secondly I wanted something rather different than the endless 'cookie cutter' releases and kickstarters that are all over the globe just now. Something fun that could be used in many settings and systems so Snowmen fitted that.  Thirdly I am always having ideas and one that I had back in the summer of this year fitted this concept.  A range that is festive only.  That is a range beginning with one or two codes that would only be available for a limited time each year when they made sense to wargamers.  Snowmen at Christmas that vanished in January to return in late November with more miniatures to join them.

After all does a lot of original things, USEME, SHM to name but two.   I want a candy cane button on my work shirt for this one too.

Sam Croes took some time out of his schedule and agreed to do the design work for this. More details upon release...wait until you see these little blighters!  Maybe even a USEME scenario for them too.


Information Pages now on this Blog

I have just added four information pages to the blog.  I took the idea from the Ion Age blog to give casual and new wargamers to a bit of information on their chosen aspect of what we supply to the wargaming public.

One page per part of the website.  As follows.

Click on the links here or along the top bar of the blog to read the content therein.


HOF90 Holy yellow!

During this year released more packs into the HOF Range and among these were an expansion to the Cultists.  Cultists have been popular for USEME games and other rule systems set in the modern, near future or post apocalypse genres.  The most striking of the Cultists packs to me was HOF90 Cultist Holy Guard which have a rather scary and imposing look.

Here are the stock image from the website for these fellows.  In red and white they look the part but some have said that they might look rather different in another hue.

HOF90 Front View
HOF90 Rear View
Sam Croes has some of these miniatures in his personal collection so I snatched them for a quick picture to show you what they look like painted with Pebeo Acrylics in shades of yellow.

Sam Croes Holy Guard
Rear View
By changing the colour of the robes and adding more depth you do get a totally different look to the miniatures.  I can see them in a place like California, the 'Sunset Strip Seekers of Truth' might be their name. Or the '99 Cones' if you are British and remember those ice-creams on the beach..yellow cone, white ice-cream.  Dark and intense or light and humorous.  Depends on your view of Cultists in wargaming.

You can find HOF90 on the website in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction section.


Saturday 12 October 2013

A Blog for

Things are changing at and its not just our logo and branding.  You can see the lovely new version above.

We have been an independent brand from the stable of Alternative Armies for many years now and we have released hundreds of new miniatures, resurrected classic ones, published more than a dozen titles but has never had a blog before.  This has now changed with the founding of this very blog!

Really we got jealous of the fantastic blog run by our sister brand The Ion Age and wanted our own. We also run the Ion Age and its blog so you will recognise my style and the 'GBS' tag too.

As of this date we will be putting our news, views, ideas and more all through this blog.  We will have pages devoted to each genre we supply such as 15mm Fantasy, 15mm Historicals, 15mm Science Fiction with details of what we carry along with a page on our rules systems.

So keep an eye on us...silent in the blogosphere no more!