Tuesday 14 February 2017

Thank you for a Decade and a list of our links now at Alternative Armies

The merger of 15mmcouk back into its originator parent Alternative Armies is complete meaning that our cart is closed and all of our products are now on their new pages on the much larger Alternative Armies website.  While we are all part of the same small and friendly company those of us who ran 15mmcouk, not least of whom is Gavin Syme (GBS) who had the idea for a dedicated 15mm site in 2004 would like to thank you all for a great decade.  

A decade that saw us become a leader in the booming expansion of 15mm scale tabletop gaming along with bringing a number of great game titles to market such as USEME and to restore Laserburn to its rightful classic status.  Thousands of miniatures across Historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction lines usable with any 15mm game system and we think now four times larger than its beginning size.

This is our final blog article and all of the 15mm scale news will now be delivered on the Alternative Armies network of email, social media and its BLOG which you should now follow if you liked what we did and will do.  If you visit the Alternative Armies website you will be prompted to join the Mailchimp email list which we would like you to do since we will continue to have 15mm releases across many ranges such as HOT, HOF, Altuos and more.  Our own mailing list for 15mmcouk will slow and cease.

So as well as saying farewell this article is here to give you a list of all the of new sections of the Alternative Armies website which were our 15mm ranges.  Click on each of them to visit them from here.  A handy list indeed:

Thank you for all your custom and your interest and friendships.  
Our email address sales@15mm.co.uk will remain active if you have questions.

Otherwise see you over at Alternative Armies for a ruddy good future of releases and tabletop fun!

Gavin Syme (GBS)
February 2017

Thursday 2 February 2017

15mm.co.uk to merge back into Alternative Armies during February 2017

This is a major announcement by Alternative Armies concerning the future of its fellow website 15mm.co.uk.  

About ten years ago Alternative Armies decided to separate off its 15mm ranges and to place them in their own website.  In our strategic review we have decided to bring all the ranges that make up 15mm.co.uk back to Alternative Armies.  They will be placed in their own new sections of the Alternative Armies website and gradually removed from 15mm.co.uk.  The process will continue until all the ranges are taken across and then we will shut down 15mm.co.uk.  Both of these websites are part of the same great company and the fulfilment of orders and contact with customers will continue as normal.  The email address sales@15mm.co.uk will not be deactivated and we will send out messages during the process inviting Tabletop Gamers to join the Alternative Armies community and mail list if they have not already done so.

You will have noticed that the Alternative Armies website has a new look and is now even roomier.  This is purposeful for the planned merger and features a new headline list of pages called '15mm Ranges'.  We ask you to support us over the coming weeks of this merger and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.  Contact us on sales@alternative-armies.com.  We took this decision for many reasons including the maintenance time in multiple large websites, the commonality of customers across them and also our plans for the scales of 15mm and 28mm which we have for this and coming years.  We know this is a surprise but all will be well and we are the same great people you already know and all of the miniatures, game systems and more you are familiar with will continue on.  The team that runs both websites will continue as it is with one much larger website.

You can continue to order from 15mm.co.uk as the ranges migrate across and if a range has migrated it will be on its own new section of Alternative Armies with a link.

We will keep you informed of progress.  We have have some great new products and rule systems coming in 2017.  We began with 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar a new beginners set for Flintloque and we will soon have new 15mm miniatures to show and a rule set too...

Thanks for Reading.