Thursday 1 December 2016

Last Month of 2016 and what's coming....

Here are we are looking forward to a week off at Christmas and again thank you for your support during the Four Day Mega Offer at the end of November.  There is a lot happening here for 2017 but this month we have some surprises for you including a free USEME Scenario and a new HOT 15mm small monster code too.  All in the first half of December.

We have had a lot of kind words and nice emails about our 15mm Festive Range and its new pack SN04 Psycho Presents.  I had not intended to do a new free USEME scenario for this year as I had not been asked much but over last weekend that changed.  

So..later this month and featuring the gun toting Presents against the Security Force Alpha lads from the previous scenarios...I will put up here...'Wrapped for Trouble'.

If you are interested in the USEME Series you can see it HERE.

Thanks for Reading and Merry Christmas!



  1. Love the Wrappings War characters!!

    1. Thanks Jay. I hope you will enjoy the tale when the time comes. The new SN04 has proven very popular.