Wednesday 26 August 2015

SHMP22 Denizens of Galaxy III pack and singles released!

This week we release five new miniatures into the SHM 15mm Range.  Five unique alien miniatures all sculpted by Eli Arndt.  Eli ( the guy behind Loud Ninja Games) has a large presence in the SHM Range which is open to any designer to submit miniatures both sci-fi and fantasy (contact us for details) to and it means you get figures that would otherwise probably never make it into your hands.  Go HERE.  For full information on this release please read on.

There are now more than eighty different miniatures in the SHM range and this set can be had a pack or as singles.  Go HERE.

SHMP22 Denizens of Galaxy III
This pack contains ten white metal 15mm scale miniatures and offers a saving over single purchases. A random mix of the following miniatures:  SHM77 Zitril Miner, SHM78 Tofar Longwanderer, SHM79 Brindo the Burgsanian, SHM80 Xtoxi Brood Mother and SHM81 Celebrax the Entertainer. Great for civilians, for adventurers, for your starport or any science fiction or near future setting. You can purchase one pack or purchase three with an additional ten percent saving off list price selecting that option on the page.

SHM77 Zitril Miner
One 15mm scale white metal miniature. The Zitril are a sentient insect race who are adept are working in a near vacuum which makes them excellent space workers.  One piece measuring 14mm long.  You can purchase multiples of one or select 'buy ten and save 10%' on the drop down product menu and save. 

SHM78 Tofar Longwanderer
One 15mm scale white metal miniature. A mysterious group the Longwanderers of Tofar can appear on a planet without seeming to have arrived by starship simply walking out of the wilderness. One piece 18mm in height.  You can purchase multiples of one or select 'buy ten and save 10%' on the drop down product menu and save. 

SHM79 Brindo the Burgansian
One 15mm scale white metal miniature. Lazy and brutal when the opportunity presents itself the Burgansian hegemony likes to beat down on those weaker than itself. That is saying something since in anything but the near zero gee of their home world they need float discs to move around. Brindo is odd for a 'Burga' as he is actually a rather nice fellow and just wants to explore the cosmos. Miniature stands approx 10mm tall and is supplied unpainted and without a base or flight stick. See SHM19 and SHM64 for other miniatures of this race. You can purchase multiples of one or select 'buy ten and save 10%' on the drop down product menu and save. 

SHM80 Xtoxi Brood Mother
One 15mm scale white metal miniature. Xtoxi was it seemed an ideal world for Human settlement but after the establishment of colony alpha it was discovered that Xtoxi was already under the ownership of the Brood Mothers.  Native Xtoxi used the settlers as egg hosts for more of their kind.  Any expeditions to this world are military grade only.   One piece measuring 25mm long.  You can purchase multiples of one or select 'buy ten and save 10%' on the drop down product menu and save. 

SHM81 Celebrax the Entertainer
One 15mm scale white metal miniature. 'Hey, can I hold your tentacles tonight under the light of the twin moons'.  Famous across three sectors the singer, actor and playboy Celebrax is lauded wherever he goes aboard his private bright pink star cutter.  One piece 17mm In height.  You can purchase multiples of one or select 'buy ten and save 10%' on the drop down product menu and save. 

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Monday 24 August 2015

Rhaksha paints up the HOT100 Ghoul Dragon

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to come across some images online of one of's most popular fantasy releases of this year.  Attar the ghoul dragon who is almost unique in the world of fantasy as a mortal and yet necrotic creature.  These images we painted by the talented Rhaksha and I asked her if we could feature them officially.  Tickled pink I was by her permission!  There is a small image above but click on the one below for it full size to get a good look.  I also have an account on the method of painting below as well as that saliva dripping from Attar's jaws!

“When I started to paint Attar the overall look I wanted was of a vaguely necrotic dragon; this would fit with his Ghoul Dragon moniker. I base coated the whole beastie with Army Painter (AP) Necrotic Flesh and then made a wash with two parts AP Necrotic Flesh and one part Vallejo (VJ) Dark Flesh. The reddish hue of the dark flesh shades the greenish basecoat very nicely. Once dry I highlighted the flesh from pure necrotic flesh up to extreme highlights of AP Skeleton Bone.  I then had a bit of a decision to make which would drastically affect the look. What colour to paint his scales? I could go red or red-brown and have an aggressive looking monster. Alternatively I could go green which makes a more malevolent, but equally aggressive Dragon.

I made my choice and base coated the scales with AP Greenskin, carefully avoiding splashing paint onto his finished skin. I then washed the scales with a 2:1 mix of AP Dark Tone and AP Greenskin. I really like mixing basecoat colours with a shade wash as it offers a much softer blend than pure AP wash usually affords. I decided not to highlight the scales as I thought the colour was fine as it was. I dotted AP Greenskin along the margin of his scales and skin so the line between them was not so stark. I painted his wing phalanges with AP Greenskin and washed them with the shade mix above. Then I made a glaze using VJ Glaze mix and a tiny amount of AP Greenskin and washed his wing membranes ensuring that the darker colour was concentrated towards the 'hands'.  I picked out his claws with AP Leather Brown and highlighted them once with 1:1 AP Leather Brown and AP Skeleton Bone.

Above all else, his face was the most important thing to get right. I washed the recesses of his features with AP Soft Tone to bring out the detail. Then I experimented with a hodge-podge of VJ Dark Flesh, AP Dragon Red and AP Tanned Flesh until I got a nice rich ‘inside of mouth’ colour. I painted his throat, gums and tongue with the colour and then painted his teeth with AP Skeleton Bone. I painted his eyes with AP Demonic Yellow and used AP Matt Black to carefully paint the wicked reptilian eyes. I then washed the whole eye socket with a mix of AP Dragon Red and AP Soft Tone, ensuring the evil yellow eye was still bright. Once based (using AP Leather Brown and AP Strong Tone) I sealed the paint job with a clear matt varnish spray.

After that had dried overnight I picked out his eyes, claws and mouth with a gloss varnish. With the varnish dry I took some UHU glue and carefully applied some to his upper teeth and tongue with a cocktail stick. I then moved the stick between top and bottom until a suitable amount of saliva was roped over his open maw.”

If you liked Rhaksha's vision of HOT100 and if you fancy contacting her on commission to paint up your miniatures to this great and thoughtful level then use disturbedearthgames(at) and she will respond to you from there.

Well done Rhaksha!

Here is our own version of HOT100 Ghoul Dragon as painted by its designer Sam Croes.  You can go to this monster HERE on our website.  Sam painted our version using our Pebeo Studio Arcylics range of paints which offer superb coverage and value.  You can see them HERE.

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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Classic Tabletop Large Goblins re-released at

Dating from the early 1980's the classic Tabletop 15mm Large Goblins have been much requested from a re-release with us.  Out now!  Following up on the MDA20 Mountain Orc Pikes and the MDA22 Darkling Mercenaries among many others we are proud to bring more of this great range back to the wargaming world.  You can see all of the Tabletop range HERE.

F55P Large Goblin Band (10)
This pack contains ten white metal one piece 15mm scale miniatures in a mix of poses that include standard bearer, sword advancing, sword and shield, axe, spear, sword and torch.  Great for use in any wargame system each Large Goblin stands approx 16mm tall.  We offer several options for purchase including the choice of  a pack or three packs with a saving of 10%, single castings and a great Bumper Pack contains twenty miniatures and saving fifteen percent.  All of these options are accessed by clicking on the drop down on the page.  Go HERE.

Here is the full list of the original codes all of which are present in this re-release.

F55 Large Goblin Standard Bearer  (1)
F56 Large Goblin Sword Advancing (1)
F57 Large Goblin Sword and Shield (1)
F58 Large Goblin Axe                 (1)
F59 Large Goblin Spear                 (1)
F59A Large Goblin Sword and Torch (1)
F55P Large Goblin Band        (10) (Pack)
F55BP Large Goblin Horde        (20) (Pack – Save 15%)

There are now more than a hundred different miniatures in the Tabletop classic range on our website. Stop by and have a browse.

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Monday 17 August 2015

New HOT Ogres coming soon to

“A shank of Man upon their plates and the bones of Woman in their bellies.  That is the fate of all those who fall into the clutches of an Ogre.”

We will be releasing two new packs and a warband value pack of 15mm scale white metal Ogres at the start of next month for your fantasy army.  These images show the first castings of the new miniatures.  We hope you like them.  Two more Ogres added to the original classic HOT3B Ogre. The new miniatures are very much in the same style and were sculpted by Sam Croes.  Suitable for any system such as HOTT and Song of Blades and Heroes they are about 20mm tall.

Ogres were greatly voted for in our Monster Survey at the start of the year and while we are working on other larger monsters from the survey, following up on the fantastic HOT100 Ghoul Dragon, these lesser monsters will be out in a couple of weeks time.  The packs will be of two Ogres each or the warband pack with six mixed at a special price that means one of the six Ogres is free!

If you are keen on seeing other creatures in the HOT range then go HERE.  We have more than a dozen monsters in the hundred code strong HOT range including Trolls, Chimera, Hydra, Griffen and many more.

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Wednesday 5 August 2015

Happy 35th Birthday Laserburn – Special Birthday Offers!

This Event is now over.  Thanks Everyone! GBS

Until the end of August 2015 it is the birthday month for the classic and origin range Laserburn which was one of the first 15mm science fiction miniature ranges ever made.  Characters, Infantry, Robots, Vehicles and more.  Laserburn is a true origin point for the whole 15mm science fiction hobby.

The Laserburn rulebook was published thirty five years ago this month and we are celebrating that with three great offers on the range and they are great offers.  Read on and you can find the range HERE.

The Four Types of V008 Glaive APC
If you purchase any Laserburn codes from single miniatures to value packs or books or the starter set that total 10.00GBP or more before shipping we will give you a free V008 Glaive APC resin kit worth 5.00GBP!  This will be a random Glaive kit from one of the four propulsion types (Hover, Wheeled, Tracked, Anti-Grav).  Superb!

Three Free Glaives all of the same propulsion type
If you purchase more than 30.00GBP of Laserburn codes of any type as above before shipping we will give you THREE free V008 Glaives worth 13.50GBP.  These will be a random propulsion type but all three will be the same propulsion type.  Brilliant!

V011 Scorpion Air Lander
And three free Glaives!
If you purchase more than 75.00GBP of Laserburn codes of any type as above you will automatically get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING plus THREE free V008 Glaives worth 13.50GBP of the same random propulsion type as above but also a FREE V011 Scorpion Air Lander vehicle kit worth 11.00GBP.  Awesome!

A tracked Glaive kit with Imperial Trooper for scale
You can see the whole range HERE and you need do nothing but put items in your cart as the free products will be added automatically by our staff to the package before dispatch worldwide to you. You can order other ranges too in the same order as long as you have Laserburn codes in your cart you will get the free items.

Imperial Marines (300 codes) and V105 Sabre Jet Flyer (Sam Croes collection)
If you are a pro-painted customer of ours or you wish to enquire about getting your Laserburn order from us pro-painted and based please email your proposed order to and our staff will give you a quote.  You will get the SAME free items at each tier of the offers and they will be painted too!

Offers end Monday 31st August at 8pm GMT.

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Tuesday 4 August 2015

Galleys and Galleons rules from Ganesha Games now in stock

The latest book from Ganesha Games written by Nic Wright is now in stock at This book adds to our range of Ganesha titles including Songs of Blades and Heroes and many others in print. If you wish to see this book and the others on our website click through now. HERE

Galleys and Galleons 
By Nic Wright 
Paperback 80 Pages 

Galleys and Galleons is a standalone set of naval wargaming rules based on the Song of Blades engine. G&G allows players to fight out fast-paced naval battles without cluttering the table with charts or unnecessary record keeping. Easy to learn, fast to play. Games concluded in around one hour. Use any miniatures in your model ship collection scale elastic. Flexible: each player commands up to 6-7 ships; fleet games are possible with multiple players per side. Additional rules cater for mythical beasts, submersibles and more. Expansive - includes rosters for 36 historic vessels plus numerous shore forts, monsters and more. 

I have had a read through this book and its great fun. If I played water borne wargames I would highly rate Nic's work as a chosen system. 

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Pebeo Paints back in full stock!

All of the miniatures you see on our websites and purchase from us pro-painted and based across Alternative Armies, and The Ion Age are all painted with Pebeo paints which we offer on each of our websites. This short announcement is to let you know that we now have all colours of paint, all inks and medium along with support items back in full stock as of now. 

The Paint Rack 
Alternative Armies supplies many thousands of pro-painted miniatures to hundreds of happy and returning customers. We aim to offer high quality acrylic paints suitable for use with all manner of wargaming miniatures and kits from white metal to resin and plastic along with terrain piece creation. The Pebeo Studio collection. We use these paints, inks and medium in our own studio painting and offer them to you as well. Excellent pricing and true artist paints that will make your miniatures into small works of fighting art. Professional finish and great coverage too. Have a look HERE for Paints and HERE for Inks and HERE for Brushes. 

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