Wednesday 24 June 2015

Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction offers until 1st July 2015

We have some offers for you to take advantage of until 1st July. These offers range from 10% to 30% off items spread across our three main areas of 15mm miniatures those being Historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction. All of these offers are located upon our DEALS AND OFFERS page. Read on for more information about each of these.

The Blemye
A sub group of the Kushites of the Sudan who raided Roman Egypt from the third century AD onwards. These African warriors favoured cavalry along with foot archers and elephants as weapons of war. Suitable foes for any early AD era army in systems such as DBM, DBA and so on. Ten codes which you can purchase as singles or small sets they are at 20% off list price until month's end. Go HERE. Here are the codes.

BL1 Blemye Heavy Cavalry Javelin Attacking (1)
BL2 Blemye Heavy Cavalry Javelin (1)
BL3 Blemye Heavy Cavalry Bow and Javelin (1)
BL4 Blemye Cavalry on Half Armoured Horse (1)
BL5 Blemye Foot Archer walking (1)
BL6 Blemye Foot Archer firing (1)
BL7 Blemye Elephant with Crew (1 set)
BL8 Blemye Cavalry Command (2)

Tree Bases
We offer two sizes of white metal 'plug in' tree bases which allow you to affix your choice of trees to them. Popular with model makers as well as wargamers we have taken 20% off their pieces until months end. Go HERE. Here are the codes.

SBP17 50mm Tree Bases (3)
SBP18 30mm Tree Bases (4)

Darkling Mercenaries
A classic pack of Tabletop Fantasy characters. Ten miniatures in a random assortment of Dark Elf Swordmaster, Goblin Archer, Liche, Liazardman and Human Spearmaster. We have taken 30% off the pack price (you can still purchase single miniatures in the drop down menu if you wish) until months end. Go HERE. Here is the code.

MDA22P Darkling Mercenaries (10)

Star Vikings
In the distant future of mankind a group of fanatical and evil scientists broke sacred laws by creating human-animal hybrids. These scientists and their loyal followers were forced to flee from Earth aboard several starships. They were hardy peoples coming from Skandanavia so they choose a winter world as their new home. Their numbers were few and compared to the standing armies of the empires and federations around them they were weak. To ensure their survival the mythos of the Norsemen was incorporated into their now accelerated gene beast research. This new force allowed the now Star Viking peoples to mount raids vital to their development and in time they grew strong and corrupt. Using the few human soldiers they have well most raids are carried out by the gene ripped creatures from massive factories on their world. Among them are Battle Boars of legend, Stocky Dwarves of mythos and vile goblinoids of lore. Lastly the huge Battle Giants pieced together for combat. The Star Vikings are to be some they are hailed as Devils.

A whole range of 15mm science fiction miniatures and we have taken 10% off all the packs including the whole set, the mega set and the normal packs of Space Orcs, Space Dwarfs, Space Warriors, Space Bestial Men and Space Giants until months end. Go HERE.

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