Monday 1 June 2015

Einar Olafson paints up the Ikwen

Sometimes a customer surprises you.  A pleasant surprise came to us at last week when talented figure painter Einar Olafson sent me a link to some posts on his blog where he had painted up Eli Arndt's miniatures the Ikwen from the Loud Ninja Games range. You can visit Einar's first blog post on the Ikwen HERE.  Done off his own back in his own time Einar showed his vision of just what Ikwen would look like coming from an imagined dry desert and scrubland world.  The front views are above and the rear views below.

Visit Loud Ninja Games page HERE.  This is a refined link to show only Ikwen.

We offer the Ikwen sculpted by Roderick Campbell in packs and as a value platoon set as well which has a small saving.  The platoon is the most popular choice and the Ikwen are proving a favourite with those looking for an alien race to act as militia and poor seconds to richer more advanced invaders to fight a holding action against conquerors. Personally I see those invaders being another part of the LNG range the YanDrassi whose three alien race army look just the part for aggressive attackers of an innocent world somewhere in the galaxy.

Well done Einar!

Thanks for Reading.


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