Thursday 18 June 2015

Napoleonic Prussians and Naval Landing Party at

NLP6 Ships Officer
Thanks for all your kind words and also your sometimes confusing comments about the re-release of the classic 15mm Napoleonic range from Tabletop Games in the 1980's now called Brickdust by  Its been heart warming to know that the hard work it took to get the range back to the market is really wanted by veteran and novice wargamers alike.  The whole range is on its pages HERE on the website.  We have added images of the whole Prussian Army and the Naval Landing Party to the pictures of the French and British armies that are already there.

PC101 Prussian Hussar Command
You can find the Brickdust range on our website HERE and while you can browse the codes at your leisure you can also refine the pages by using the search box to narrow the display to the nation or type of your choice. This range is suitable for use with any 15mm scale wargame system set during the Napoleonic Wars. We offer it as singles or small sets as follows:

1 Infantry Miniature 0.40GBP
1 Cavalry Miniature 0.70GBP
1 Artillery Kit 3.20GBP
And Specials with Prices Marked
Command Packs (number in brackets) are multiples of single prices of same type.

You can purchase single miniatures to tailor your forces or use the drop down menu on the product page to select 'buy ten and save 10%' option.

The range contains the following nations and sets:

The French Army The Bavarian Army
The Portuguese Army The Spanish Army
The Austrian Army The Russian Army
The British Army The Prussian Army
Naval Landing Parties Wagons and Draught Animals

You can download a full list of the codes as a PDF from our website on the Brickdust page for free. Go HERE.

Currently we have all of the codes online but not all of them have images.  We will be attending to this over coming weeks and we will let you all know as each section gets its pictures.  Just now we have pictures of four parts up.  Soon we will have both the Russian and Austrian armies!

15% Discount Code Until 1st July 2015

Lastly we have a special code for 15% off this range valid until 1st July.  Place items in your cart and when you head to checkout put this code ' 200 ' into the discount white box and your total will reduce on screen by fifteen percent automatically.  This is meant for Napoleonics but heck it will work for anything on the website if you want science fiction, fantasy, books or other historicals such as Medieval or Renaissance.

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  1. Any chance we can get this for orders placed last night, prior to the blog post? ;)

    1. Not sure what you mean Michael. Please email me on to discuss.