Saturday 12 October 2013

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Things are changing at and its not just our logo and branding.  You can see the lovely new version above.

We have been an independent brand from the stable of Alternative Armies for many years now and we have released hundreds of new miniatures, resurrected classic ones, published more than a dozen titles but has never had a blog before.  This has now changed with the founding of this very blog!

Really we got jealous of the fantastic blog run by our sister brand The Ion Age and wanted our own. We also run the Ion Age and its blog so you will recognise my style and the 'GBS' tag too.

As of this date we will be putting our news, views, ideas and more all through this blog.  We will have pages devoted to each genre we supply such as 15mm Fantasy, 15mm Historicals, 15mm Science Fiction with details of what we carry along with a page on our rules systems.

So keep an eye on us...silent in the blogosphere no more!


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