Tuesday 19 November 2013

HOF90 Holy Guard...in yellow!

During this year 15mm.co.uk released more packs into the HOF Range and among these were an expansion to the Cultists.  Cultists have been popular for USEME games and other rule systems set in the modern, near future or post apocalypse genres.  The most striking of the Cultists packs to me was HOF90 Cultist Holy Guard which have a rather scary and imposing look.

Here are the stock image from the website for these fellows.  In red and white they look the part but some have said that they might look rather different in another hue.

HOF90 Front View
HOF90 Rear View
Sam Croes has some of these miniatures in his personal collection so I snatched them for a quick picture to show you what they look like painted with Pebeo Acrylics in shades of yellow.

Sam Croes Holy Guard
Rear View
By changing the colour of the robes and adding more depth you do get a totally different look to the miniatures.  I can see them in a place like California, the 'Sunset Strip Seekers of Truth' might be their name. Or the '99 Cones' if you are British and remember those ice-creams on the beach..yellow cone, white ice-cream.  Dark and intense or light and humorous.  Depends on your view of Cultists in wargaming.

You can find HOF90 on the 15mm.co.uk website in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction section.


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