Tuesday 19 November 2013

Information Pages now on this Blog

I have just added four information pages to the blog.  I took the idea from the Ion Age blog to give casual and new wargamers to 15mm.co.uk a bit of information on their chosen aspect of what we supply to the wargaming public.

One page per part of the website.  As follows.

Click on the links here or along the top bar of the blog to read the content therein.



  1. Good idea. As a suggestion, on each page, maybe add a link to each of the paragraphs to each of the sections mentioned on the 15mm.co.uk website, as that would be a help to visitors who want to find out more straight away. E.g. For SHM sci fi, add a link to http://www.15mm.co.uk/SHM_15mm_Science_Fiction.htm

    1. Hello Ben. Thanks for your comment. Well done for noticing this. Why not link...well....next year there will be a new website for 15mm.co.uk and the links would be defunct. Shussh! :-)