Friday 21 October 2016

My beloved USEME Series of wargame rules is now digital downloads!

Following on from HOF Fire Team and Age of Might and Steel but proceeding the mighty Alien Squad Leader we at are proud to announce that the dozen titles in the 'Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements' USEME series are now digital downloads.  At just 3.00GBP each you get the book, the covers and an 'ease print' version for home printing with all the non-text and vital graphics removed. We no longer have all of the A6 pocket print booklets of USEME in stock but what we have is on the website. You can see them all HERE.

USEME as a series has sold more than seven thousand copies and to me, as its lead author and creator, it makes me so happy that the little set of rules I developed for playing with my then eight year old son has given wargaming fun to players all over the world ever since.  Firstly as booklets and then as downloads and now as digital books on the website.  If you are short of time or want something to plug in and play in ten minutes to an hour then USEME is for you.  Science Fiction, High Fantasy, World War Two, Modern Warfare, American Civil War, Starship Battles, Post Apocalypse, Wild West, Zombie Dawn, Cyberpunk as well as Eldrich Horror and the fantastic Support Pack that works with the other titles.  Here is a list of the titles and a link to each.  We also have two Complete USEME Games containing book, miniatures and scenarios too.  Each page linked to has all the information you need as I want to keep this article short enough for sanity!

Though there have been no new USEME titles published in two years or so there are a half dozen titles in the works from several authors.  It is my intention to get these out to wargamers as digital downloads.  More on this at the time of course but the nearest to ready are about Gangsters and a Modern Warfare Setting title plus of course my own Alien Safari.

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