Friday 14 October 2016

Free 15mm Norman Cavalry Command Set to celebrate 950th Battle of Hastings Anniversary

From now until the end of Monday 17th 2016 we are automatically including a free Norman NC6 Cavalry Command Set (3 miniatures worth 1.80GBP) containing a General, an Officer and a Standard Bearer to celebrate the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings fought on this day in 1066.  To get this free set of miniatures all you need do is place an order of any size within this period for any Norman (N or NC) or Saxon (SA or SAC) code, even one miniature, and we automatically will do the rest for you.  

You can learn more about the battle HERE and if you want to go straight to our 15mm Normans click HERE and our 15mm Saxons click HERE.  Otherwise please read on. has a large range of Dark Age historical miniatures in the Isarus pages of the website. All of these miniatures can be purchased as single castings. There are fifteen categories including Byzantines and Arabs and Mongols but today we are celebrating the two sides at Hastings.  The Normans and the Saxons.

The Normans
There are fifteen different codes in this part of the Isarus range including Archers, Spearmen, Crossbow, Knights and Retainers as well as command on foot and mounted.  See them HERE.

The Saxons
There are twelve different codes in this part of the Isarus range including Huscarl, Thegns, Fyrds as well as warriors and cavalry plus command.  See them all HERE.

Additionally if you would prefer a Saxon Cavalry Command Set (SAC1) with two miniatures worth 1.20GBP instead of the Norman one just email us with your order number to and we will do that for you. currently has two pro-painted but not based 15mm historical armies in stock.  You can see these on the website HERE.  We have a Norman Army of 127 pieces and a Saxon Army of 230 pieces and these are at a great price.  We will base these to any system you like and it is first come first served as we have only one of each in stock. You get a further discount if you purchase both of them.  If you have any questions please email and ask.  Order up and send your basing requirements and the name of your chosen rule set to us with the order number.  This is a great deal to get you on the table in one step and delivery is free worldwide. Apologies if this has been sold by the time you click through, if you would like a painted quote email and ask us and we are happy to assist you.

Godwinson or William either way it was a hell of a fight!

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