Tuesday 16 September 2014

Rodney Strongs 15mm Fantasy Armies take to the field!

Thane Army with HOT Manticores and Chimeras
I am always happy to get pictures from our customers showing them using our miniatures, our rule systems and so on before, during and after wargames.  It kind of closes the loop as it were and we like to look at the images and see how people across the world have chosen to paint and base up the miniatures we sent to them. 

Empire Army using converted HOT Griffins
A very good long standing customer of 15mm.co.uk from the United States of America sent us a host of images of some of his 15mm fantasy armies.  I asked his permission to share and Mr Rodney Strong agreed.  My thanks to him.  The images are a few select ones showing our own miniatures among those of other makers and also the whole of each army too.

He has a large Thane Army and an equally large Empire Army too. HOT Miniatures used for Monsters and for Flyers too.  Excellent.

The Whole Thane Army
Thane and Empire Armies
The HOT 15mm Fantasy Range has a huge selection of miniatures to choose from and a half dozen races too as well as monsters.

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  1. That is alot of army!! Great minis :)

    1. Rodney has many forces and I was glad he shared these ones with us all. GBS

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it just. Took a long time to assemble and paint. GBS