Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Alien Squad Leader 2.0 review at Dropship Horizon Blog

Time for a blast from the past.  Since we released the new 100 Point pre-made army for Alien Squad Leader, ASL02 Human Colonial, a couple of weeks ago we have been getting asked if there are any online reviews of the game.  Well there were but no recently so I set out to look for one and link it to here.  I found the great review written upon release back in 2009 by Mark Hannam who was the creator and owner of Dropship Horizon blog at that time.   You can read it HERE.

Mark had a copy of the book and gave it a very positive review after reading it.  An experienced wargamer and at that time science fiction fanatic he lauded it in many ways examining it from many angles.  If you are interested in Alien Squad Leader after reading the review then go to its page on our website and read more about it.

We are working on the next army pack for ASQL with the coming release this week being along those lines.  I will give details at the time.

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Friday, 15 August 2014

New HOT 15mm Trolls released at 15mm.co.uk

Using a Human femur as a toothpick and absently leaning on a wooden club that used to be a fully grown tree Trolls are mighty dangerous if stupid foes on the battlefield.  15mm.co.uk has made your little warriors lives all the more dangerous today with the release of our new 15mm scale white metal Trolls.  Back in the middle of July I showed off the greens for these new monsters in a Sneak Peek which is worth reading for the insights into the design process if for nothing else now.  But lets get back to the main show the big and nasty that likes to create carnage.

We now have four codes of Trolls in the HOT 15mm Fantasy range each with its own merits.  Here are the details:
HOT3A Troll
This veteran pack was one of the first in the HOT Range selling thousands of times over twenty years and contains two identical War Trolls about 25mm tall and in one piece white metal. Armed with a stone headed hammer. Supplied Unpainted and no assembly required.  Suitable for any 15mm fantasy game system. 4.00GBP per pack and you can also select three packs and automatically save 10% off the price.  Go HERE.

HOT3C Troll II
A brand new pack in the HOT range containing two identical War Trolls about 25mm tall and in one piece white metal. Armed with a masonry topped hammer. Supplied Unpainted and no assembly required.  Suitable for any 15mm fantasy game system.  4.00GBP per pack and you can also select three packs and automatically save 10% off the price.  Go HERE.

A brand new pack in the HOT range containing two identical War Trolls about 25mm tall and in one piece white metal. Armed with a fallen tree fashioned into a club. Supplied Unpainted and no assembly required.  Suitable for any 15mm fantasy game system. 4.00GBP per pack and you can also select three packs and automatically save 10% off the price. Go HERE.

HOT3T Troll Warband
This is a bumper pack for those looking to get a group of Trolls in one shot with a saving to boot.  This pack contains six Trolls taken from HOT3A, HOT3C,HOT3B evenly mixed and offers a  2.00GBP off; that's one free monster simply put.  10.00GBP per pack and you can also select three packs and automatically save another 10% off the price. Go HERE.

Here is a picture of the Trolls with a 15mm TTF Human Bard for scale purposes as this miniature is not supplied but can be found in code 505 Human Characters I.

We will be releasing more new miniatures into the HOT Range during this year and if you have an idea about what they should be them drop me an email and tell me about it.  These new miniatures today only exist due to customers requests.

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15mm.co.uk is now on Facebook!

As of the start of this week 15mm.co.uk is on Facebook with its own page. This is an expansion of our website and blog presence and its a place where I will be putting all the news, releases, offers, specials, articles, fiction and more. Indeed if you are on Facebook you can comment and show us your miniatures and games using our thousands of codes. 
So have a look by clicking on the link and if we are of interest please hit the 'like' button. I might even run some competitions once its all purring away nicely. Go HERE
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Thursday, 7 August 2014

ASL02 Human Colonial Army Pack for ASQL released!

We have a brand new 100 point pre-packed army for Alien Squad Leader 2.0 now released! It comes will all the needed miniatures, all the needed element bases and details of composition too. An ideal starter force for new players and a boost for experience players too the Human Colonial Army is one of the easiest to learn and use in play.  ASL02 Human Colonial Army.

This is our first new ASQL army in a while and the first with the new resin cartouche bases in 50mm and 100mm shapes along with the excellent Maginot Turrets and Charger APC's too. Here are the details.

ASL02 Human Colonial Army (Security Force Alpha) 100 Points
Alien Squad Leader 2.0 Army Pack 36.90GBP (Save 10% off list prices)
Painted and Based Ready for Play as seen here 105.00GBP (Save 10% off list prices)

Colonial Army Veterans* (Regular Infantry) HOF95, HOF98 (5) 7 Points *Command Stand
Colonial Army Veterans (Regular Infantry) HOF104 (5) 7 Points
Colonial Troopers (Inferior Infantry) HOF96 (5) 5 Points
Colonial Troopers (Inferior Infantry) HOF96 (5) 5 Points
Colonial Troopers (Inferior Infantry) HOF97 (5) 5 Points
Colonial Troopers (Inferior Infantry) HOF97 (5) 5 Points
Colonial Troopers (Inferior Infantry) HOF97 (5) 5 Points
Colonial Troopers (Heavy Weapons) HOF100 (5) 5 Points
Colonial Troopers (Heavy Weapons) HOF100 (5) 5 Points
Support Droids (Robotic Infantry) HOF43 (5) 11 Points
Maginot Turret HOF27 10 Points
Maginot Turret HOF27 10 Points
Charger APC HOF28 10 Points
Charger APC HOF28 10 Points

This army pack consists of the following items:

45 Human Infantry
5 Robotic Infantry
2 Vehicle Kits
2 Defence Turret Kits
Bases: Fourteen (12 50mm x 50mm, 2 50mm x 100mm)

You can learn all about Human Colonial Armies in ASQL on pages 42-42 of the Alien Squad Leader Rulebook. These armies of this template type are characterised by their called up lower quality infantry defending their homeworld with the help of good defensive fire power and towers too. One of the favourite templates for beginner players from our feedback and one to use against experienced players too. This new army pack will get you into the game and playing plus it will save you 10% off list prices and the same if you choose to buy it pro-painted and based from 15mm.co.uk ready to play out of the box.

You can learn more about the HOF codes in this army pack on our website.  Look for Security Force Alpha codes as above.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Troopship From Scotland a painting testimonial

Recently 15mm.co.uk dispatched a large order to the United States of America which contained a huge number of pro-painted and based miniatures.  These miniatures were for a regular and great customer of ours MC Monkey-Dew who operates his own wargaming blog.  This mighty force was a 15mm English Civil War (ECW) and Thirty Years War assembly on custom bases and a custom use.  It was unique.  See this post HERE.

All of the miniatures were from the Altuos 15mm Renaissance Range on our website and the glowing testimonial to this big undertaking was so fine that I decided to let you all know about it through this blog.  From the miniatures to the uniforms to the bases and then the very high standard of packaging for international travel (this is no mean feat with 15mm scale pikemen!) we did very well.  Thank you for the kind words!

If you are a 15mm player of Historicals or Fantasy or even Science Fiction and you would like us to quote you our great value rates which include the miniature, its painting, its basing and shipping then email me on sales@15mm.co.uk. We are reliable, quick and excellently priced.

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Laserburn Vehicle Showcase and Freebie in All Orders

V106 Air Raft with Imperial Trooper
Last week all of us at 15mm.co.uk reached the end of a six month project to re-master and re-release all of the classic 15mm scale Laserburn vehicle codes. Its been a constant part of our lives for this entire time and while the odd thing was a little troublesome on the whole it was a great experience. The reason not least for this being the outpouring of adoration and joy towards us from science fiction wargamers both young and older at our efforts. In some cases notably the V011 Scorpion Air Lander and the V106 Law Officer Air Raft which would have never seen the light of day again but for this process. One being so heavy in white metal that it would be impossibly expensive for customers and the other the loss of its mold stock due to age. As a result we are rounding up the whole range and the Laserburn experience so that you can see it all. From the first to the last here are all the vehicles in all their glory!

 V101 Flit Cars- 2 Resin Vehicles
Civilian sports anti-grav cars perfect for any 15mm sci-fi setting.

V103 Hover Vans - 2 Resin Vehicles
Civilian small transporting flat bed anti-grav vans.

V104 Hover Support Wagon – 1 Resin and White Metal Vehicle
Civilian or Local Law or Military use anti-grav vehicle with seats.

V106 Law Officer Air Raft – 1 Resin and White Metal Vehicle
Law Enforcement anti-gravity platform perfect for any 15mm sci-fi setting.

V010 Partizan Scout Cars – 2 Resin Vehicles
Civilian or Para Military transporter vehicles.

V008 Glaive Armoured Personnel Carrier – 1 Resin Vehicle
Choose from Tracked, Hover, Wheeled or Anti-Gravity versions.

V009 Imperial Scout Car – 1 Resin and White Metal Vehicle

Choose from Tracked, Hover, Wheeled or Anti-Gravity versions.

RT Robo Turrets – White Metal Weapons
Choose from a sprue of weapons or singles. Use on Laserburn vehicles.

V105 Sabre Jet Flyer – 1 White Metal Vehicle
Civilian flying vehicle with seats for two passengers.

V005 Heavy Laser Cannon – 1 White Metal Artillery Kit
A powerful energy weapon in the form of a field gun with a human gunner ideal for many 15mm campaign settings.

V007 Scythe Jet Copter – 1 Resin and White Metal Vehicle
A large military jet copter suitable for any 15mm sci-fi setting.

V011 Scorpion Air Lander – 1 Resin and White Metal Vehicle

A militiary air lander for transporting troops supplied with two robo-turrets too.

Laserburn is more than its vehicles however as it has a large and enduringly popular 15mm infantry range which covers Law Officers, Adventurers, Starship Crew, Imperial Troopers, Redemptionists, Mercenaries, Robots and Droids. You can find all of these on the Laserburn page of the 15mm.co.uk website. I have seen these miniatures in games all across the world in a multitude of rules systems since they were put back onto the market.

Fondly remembered and still played by many wargaming groups are the Laserburn rule book titles. Wargaming in the old school way from the basic rules of Laserburn itself to the Advanced Laserburn and Aliens rules and ramping it up to larger battles with Imperial Commander too. There are other titles out there in the world too such as Robot and Forces of the Imperium as well as scenario sets though these are not stocked by us at 15mm.co.uk.

You can of course get all you need to get started in this system with our boxed set LBS01 Laserburn Starter Set which contains miniatures, vehicles and the rulebook too.

So if you adore Laserburn think about adding to your collection and if you decide to then we will, over the next seven days, throw in for free a Surprise Packet of Laserburn products. Bigger the order bigger the surprise but you will get something cool in even the smallest Laserburn order.

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Galactic Knights - A Miniature Design Art Jam plus offer!

Its not that often that you come home from a long day at work to find something totally awesome in your feed but that was just what I found today.  What follows is by our lead designer Sam Croes and is his own words and images about how the HOF105 Galactic Knights came into being.  Its a direct transcript with images.  I have put an offer on this code for a week at 10% off so check them out and now read on.  GBS

Some time ago, I was involved in a remarkable design collaboration, an "art jam" as some of us call. during such a "jam", two or more creative persons will bounce ideas and designs off each other and work together to create a truly unique end result. 

For this project, the first miniature design project I have thus attempted, I drew upon the wild ideas of my good friend, the many-talented Catheren "Cat" Beaton. Cat and I share a passion for swords and warriors, and during one of our online chats, the idea was sparked.

A few moments later, Cat had roughly sketched out what she thought the basic look of the Knights should be. From these expressive gesture lines, I distilled the most iconic features in a new drawing; the layered angular look of the suits and armour, the very unique helmet face plate, the broad sword blade and the flowing cloak.

Having then established the look of the figures, I then could start sculpting. One figure in the pack of four was based straight off the concept art. Two others were given handguns of a matching design, and a final one was given a support rifle type weapon. 

After receiving the first castings of these miniatures, it was time to decide on a colour scheme. Space Age white for the suits, trimmed with gold for a fantasy touch, but the main contrast was provided by a vivid purple for the cloaks and fiery orange for the energy sword blades. 

At this point the miniatures were released, but I was not done yet. Feeling inspired, I created one more illustration based on the final design. And with this picture, truly the process has come full circle. 

And so the collaboration came to a fruitful Conclusion. But that is not entirely the end of it, there's one thing more to show. Some time after the sculpting of the figures, Cat did me a lovely little sketch of a female sci-fi knight. I took this sketch and added some colour magic to it. 

Will this picture ever translate into miniature form? Only time can tell... Meanwhile, grab yourself a pack of Galactic Knights at 15mm.co.uk!  SC