Monday, 20 October 2014

Loud Ninja Games Chuhuac in Blue

The excellent space raptor range by Loud Ninja Games has sold many thousands across the world and I always look forward to spotting some examples of the Chuhuac painted up in schemes other than the official ones.

Mad Mecha Guy is the chap to whom these fetching in blue 15mm miniatures belong.  The pictures depict poses from RAP001, RAP002, RAP003 and RAP004.  Below you can see an example of the white armour scheme from the website.  The difference is quite striking and the space raptors look very nice painted up in blue.  Well done MMG!

Chuhuac up against SFA Elite Troopers
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Expanding the Undead in HOT 15mm Fantasy – Bows and Spears

“Come on chaps!  I loved those Trolls and the Tabletop re-releases are all great too but I want more stuff in the HOT range.  How about some skeletons?!”

Back in the summer of this year asked hundreds of its customers what they would like to see as the next expansion of packs in the superb HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.  There was an acre of feedback and it was tough to separate the leading requests by their popularity but in the end the subject that topped the table was The Undead.  The rattling of bones and the leering grin of a skeletal skull.  This was the stuff of new wargamers dreams for 15mm Fantasy as the comment at the top taken from the survey demonstrates.

As a result of this we have created several new pack codes expanding the Undead in the range but also altering existing codes in the range to improve them.  The project is in several parts but I am concerned here with this first part which we will see on the website and with our stockists soon.  This first part expands existing codes as follows:

HOT40 Skeleton Missile Troops    (16 Miniatures)
The current HOT40 is being up gunned with additional skeleton missile troops.  These poses add to the original skeleton archer in the pack.  Added poses are another three archers in varied stances and two poses of skeleton with crossbows.  This makes a new total of six poses in HOT40.  Dressed in a mix of armour pieces and clothing they will suit most settings from classic fantasy to dungeoneering and medieval fantasy crossovers too.

HOT41 Skeleton Spears (16 Miniatures)
The current HOT41 is being 'fleshed out' with additional spear toting skeleton troops.  These new poses add to the original two skeleton spearmen in the pack.  Added poses are another two skeletons in armour and clothing with spears.  This makes a new total of four poses in HOT41.  They fit in well with the rest of the HOT Undead Range of packs and will suit the same settings as HOT40 for example.
As with the rest of the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range we will be offering the purchase choices of a single pack or three packs with a ten percent saving or a sampler with one of each pose in the pack (great for skirmishing or dungeon crawling) all at great prices. Suitable for any 15mm Fantasy wargame rules system from HOTT 2nd Edition to Age of Might and Steel and others such as Song of Blades and Heroes.

We begin the releases on Monday 30th of October 2014 with these two codes.

If you are a keen wargamer who plays the Undead in 15mm scale then there is already a lot to see in the HOT range.  Here are the current codes:

HOT12 Ghoul, Wraith and Knight (16 miniatures)
HOT14 Hordes of the Dead (16 miniatures)
HOT21 Zombie Horde (16 miniatures)
HOT24 Undead Cavalry (6 miniatures)
HOT36 Mounted Wraiths (6 miniatures)
HOT63 Catapult with Undead Crew (1 set)
HOT64 Cadaver Zombies (10 miniatures)
HOT74 Wraith Lord on Fell Beast (1 set)
HOT83 Undead Command (16 pieces)
HOT95 Ghosts (10 miniatures)

These can all be found on the HOT 15mm Fantasy page of our website HERE.

If you have ideas for HOT then I always want to hear them.  The range almost always expands on the back of wargamers requests so comment here or all the better email me direct and let me know what you would like to see. There will be a second part to this expansion of the Undead in the HOT range next month as we have even more codes coming.  But no spoilers at this point as they are still very much in the works.

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Vergan Aliens half price at!

We have a great offer for the next week or so on our website.  The offer is half price (50% off 0.28GBP from 0.55GBP) every one of the Vergan codes in the 15mm SHM Science Fiction range.  Designed by Eli Arndt the Vergans are space opera bug eyed monster fun.  

Many tentacled aliens suitable for any 15mm scale wargame rules system.  Cast in white metal each Vergan is one piece and is approx 20mm tall. Go HERE for our Deals and Offers page.  Here are the codes:

SHM20 Vergan
SHM54 Vergan Soldier
SHM55 Vergan Soldier
SHM56 Vergan Musician
SHM57 Vergan Sergeant

There is no official story for the Vergans unlike the one developing for the Prang.  If you have ideas then do let me know.  Heck we might even more some more in the future.

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tabletop 15mm Fire Giant Re-Mastered and 10% Off Offer

“Make the soil shake and the lines of trailed light dance in the air from an axe of fire held in a giant hand.”

Monsters are coming to the fore with as we continue to bring about the re-birth of classic 15mm fantasy codes from the 1980's and Tabletop Fantasy.  We asked some of our customers which monsters they would like to see and the greatest percentage of them went first for the mighty 528 Fire Giant and it is a great miniature.  You can see pictures of it here and a scale image alongside a Human from the Tabletop range (from 505 Human Characters pack).

528 Fire Giant
This one piece white metal classic miniature stands about 50mm tall to the top of the head and is a great behemoth or giant for your fantasy army in 15mm scale.  Suitable for any wargame system.  You can choose to purchase one pack or three packs with a 10% saving already applied. Go HERE.

We have an offer on this re-mastered code for the next week and that is 10% off its list price on our website.  This discount is already on screen and can be used with any of our other current offers. Enjoy!

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Friday, 3 October 2014

A Blasting Good Offer 15% off this weekend!

06.10.14. The Show is now over and our offer is too.  Many thanks to all who took us up on it. Orders are hitting the mail from today.  According to wargamers and the organisers of Blast-Tastic the convention was a modest success which is excellent for its first year.  An attendance of eighty or so dedicated 15mm science fiction players and a group of happy traders.  Excellent!  GBS

This Saturday the long anticipated wargame show Blast-Tastic is happening in Bristol in the UK. The show is a new venture specialising in science fiction wargaming mainly in the 15mm scale. We had planned to attend the show but due to circumstances beyond our control (other meetings we had scheduled on the near thousand mile round trip pulled out on us!) we have had to cancel. This has upset us greatly so instead of attending we are extending a weekend offer instead. If you are in the UK and near enough to consider attending please do so. Here are the details of the show.

Code is: blast15

To this end we are offering a code to get 15% off any and all online orders with us valid from now until 12 Noon GMT on Monday 6th October 2014. This offer is open to all customers across the world. Since we cannot get to the show its only fair that you all benefit. This code covers all of our products from Science Fiction (15mm and 6mm scales) to Fantasy to Historical miniatures as well as army packs, rulebooks and everything else (with the exception of our paid for PDF downloads sorry!). Expand your forces, treat yourself or just pick up some samples for future consideration. This discount is ON TOP of those offers already on our Deals and Offers page.  It also is on top of the offer we make on every pack where if you BUY THREE YOU SAVE 10% already, so well worth checking it out.

Go to our website:

Use the code 'blast15' as it appears here during the checkout process on page two of the process (that is after you fill your cart, proceed to checkout and then enter your payment details) on same page page as your postage choice in the DISCOUNT box and your product total will automatically reduce 15% on screen. You can learn more about promo codes on this page of our website.

We wish Mike and Blast-Tastic all the very best for this weekend.

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tabletop Fantasy Character Packs Re-Mastered and Offer

We have been beavering away getting more of the classic and well loved 15mm Tabletop Fantasy range re-mastered and re-released. Dating from the early 1980's and packed full of Dungeon Crawl and adventure characters these miniatures provided a pattern that has influenced 15mm Fantasy ever since. Now its the turn of the Human Female Characters and the great value Human Skirmish Pack. In celebration of getting these miniatures to our website we are offering an EXTRA 10% off the packs and singles in the packs now put back out until the end of September.  Go HERE.

510 Human Female Characters Pack
This pack contains ten 15mm scale white metal miniatures. A random mix of five poses great for skirmishing or characters. 510 Female Mage, 511 Female Cleric, 512 Female Thief, 513 Female Fighter in Plate and 514 Female Fighter in Chainmail. You can choose to purchase a pack or single miniatures or purchase three packs and save an additional 10%. Not supplied painted or with bases. .

FST02 TTF Human Skirmish Pack
This value pack contains sixteen Humans in fourteen different poses! In this special skirmish pack you can find sixteen 15mm Humans from the TTF range. Taken from packs 501, 505 and 510. Get into 15mm Fantasy skirmish! Choose from one pack or three packs with a 10% saving..

Here are some details on the rest of the Tabletop Fantasy Human packs which are great for character skirmish or dungeon crawl or any wargame system. Go HERE for the Tabletop Fantasy page.

501 Human Mages and Clerics Pack
This pack contains ten 15mm scale white metal miniatures. A random mix of four poses great for skirmishing or characters. 501 Mage with Staff, 502 Mage with Wand, 503 Cleric with Mace in Chainmail and 504 Cleric in Plate Armour with Hammer. You can choose to purchase a pack or single miniatures or purchase three packs and save an additional 10%. Not supplied painted or with bases.

505 Human Characters I Pack
This pack contains ten 15mm scale white metal miniatures. A random mix of five poses great for skirmishing or characters. 505 Thief with Dagger, 506 Assassin in Cloak, 507 Bard with Dagger and Instrument, 508 Fighter in chainmail with pack and sword, 509 Fighter in plate armour with sword. You can choose to purchase a pack or single miniatures or purchase three packs and save an additional 10%. Not supplied painted or with bases.

We will be back with more packs when they are ready and thanks as always for your support.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Prang by Space Jacker and Sam Croes

The Prang are some of the most popular miniatures in the SHM Range at  Sculpted by Eli Arndt (he of Loud Ninja Games fame) they are aliens of impressive stature suitable for any aliens inclusive space opera setting.  This popularity has seen the Prang get to almost every corner of the world from Brazil to Poland, Canada and Australia too and pictures of them appearing on the web.

Last week a favourite painter of 15mm science fiction miniatures from many manufacturers and sellers put up his own vision of the Prang.  This fellow was Spacejacker a chap who has featured here before with his impressive painting.  As it turned out his vision of the Prang was greatly different to that of Sam Croes (lead designer at The Ion Age) who painted up our own Prang on the website.  This was brought to my attention by a couple of emails asking if I had seen the difference.  That is the central message of this show you these visions.

There is a massive difference in the interpretation of the Prang between these two excellent miniature painters.  Spacejacker goes for a blue skin tone combined with a light into white armour built up from grey tones and lighted up with red lines and circles.  Sam Croes went for an orange skin tone and various shades of brown finished with gun metal and off white details.  These are the same miniatures but they look so different.  Well done to both of them!


Lastly I have put a special promotion on the value packs of Prang on our website.  Go HERE to see them and they are currently at 15% off their normal price for the next week or so.  So if you want more Prang or fancy trying your hand at these excellent paint jobs this is your saving chance.

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