Wednesday 27 January 2016

Painting Agency Blog spots the Ikwen

“The pseudo-amphibioid natives of the jungle world Kwiell were progressing well through their version of the Bronze Age when the first sky visitors arrived.  Unfortunately for the Ikwen ("the Forest's Children" in their own language of hypersonic clicks and squeals) the visitors were not a curious scientific team, but a fleet of freebooters hired by the Human Empire to scout out sources of the fusion-modulating superheavy element unbihexium.....”

Allison M over at the Painting Agency Blog is a real fan of and notably the Loud Ninja Games range of miniatures you can find there among many other things.  Check out the original blog post HERE and visit this page HERE for the Ikwen. The post on the painting agency blog concerns a guerilla action carried out by the native Ikwen against Human invaders.  A great little story which would sit well for a campaign using any 15mm sci-fi rules such as USEME or Alien Squad Leader with the Ikwen and perhaps the Rim Mercenaries from the HOF range standing in for the greedy Humans.

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