Science Fiction

At we have a great choice in 15mm Science Fiction products.  Here is a little bit of information about each of our ranges.

HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range
One of the world's largest science fiction 15mm scale ranges HOF has over 100 pack codes within it.  HOF has something for everyone.  Security Force Alpha, Alien Greys, Automaton Robots, Droids, Cultists, Octopods, Zidhe Space Elves, Human Mercenaries, Human Civilians and Workers, Draccians, Corporate Ashigaru, Cyborgs and Galactic Strangeness too.  In fact too much to go through here so have a look at HOF on our website to see the miniatures and vehicles.  HERE.

Laserburn 15mm Science Fiction Range
This classic British game in 15mm is supported by a large range of highly detailed and great value miniatures depicting everything from Imperial Infantry in fatigues, power armour and dreadnought armour to rebels, civilians, thugs, adventurers. law officers, spacesuits and starship crews. Robots and mercenaries along with many aliens and a full range of normal and exotic vehicles.  HERE.

SHM Science Fiction
The SHM Range or 'self help miniatures' features the work of aspiring designers who wish to get into figure sculpting.  Gavin Syme at created this range and it has more than a hundred unique miniatures in it so far with submissions still more than welcome.  The majority of the range is science fiction and has characters as well as two dozen alien personalities and creatures too.  Several aliens have more than one pose such as the Vergans or the Prang.  HERE.  The Star Viking Range is contained with SHM and features Space Dwarves, Humanoids, Giants and Beastmen as well.  HERE.

Loud Ninja Games
A is a small, boutique sized gaming company dedicated to bringing a little bit of fun to the miniatures and gaming community. Great and original science fiction miniatures and vehicles from wargamers to wargamers. Scotland and the United States of America working as one. is the official manufacturer and seller of all Loud Ninja Games products.  HERE.

Fleet Scale Miniatures
Designed by Eli Arndt of Loud Ninja Games this small range of fleet scale mecha has a lot to offer starship combat wargamers who are looking for giant mecha reduced to a flying miniature small enough to go toe to toe with his spaceships in this scale.  HERE.

6mm Science Fiction
We have a small range of 6mm science fiction miniatures which we inherited from Alternative Armies.  These include Ion Age Retained, Muster and Khanate Legion along with Wellsian Martians and bases.  HERE.

We have a number of rule systems for use with our Science Fiction miniatures and you can learn more on this blog on the Wargaming page.