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At 15mm.co.uk we have a great choice in Wargame Rule Systems for many genres and settings.  Here is some information about them.

USEME System
With more than a dozen titles in the series USEME (Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements) these great booklets available in printed A6 format and downloadable PDF format.  Easy to learn, very adaptable and suiting any genre USEME titles include:  15mm Science Fiction, 15mm High Fantasy, 15mm to 20mm World War Two, 15mm Modern Warfare, 15mm American Civil War, Starship Battles, 15mm Post Apocalypse,  15mm Wild West, 15mm Zombie Dawn, Support Pack, 15mm Cyberpunk, 15mm Eldritch Horror.  HERE. More to come!

HOF Fire-Team
HOF Fire-Team is an original dynamic tactical game with a setting from ultra modern to the far future. Fire Team pits squads of soldiers, guerrillas, police, and thieves or just about anyone else with a grudge against one another. Use miniatures from your existing collection, on single bases, or add any new ones of your choice. Players command a number of Teams. These being Fire Teams, Support Teams, Command Teams and trusting to sound small unit tactics and the luck of the dice they attempt to carry out their mission objectives.   HOF Fire-Team is played on purpose designed 'Battle Boards' de-marked into a 20mm squared grid. These set squares allow for easy and instant measurement of game distances for movement and weapons fire along with the relation between every miniature in play and possible cover. Play is easy and lethal. Using a unique D6 mechanic based on the Firefight 2.0 engine combined with an innovative 'tech level' for all troops and the 'waypoint' mission driver this game promises fast and intense action in a compact playing area. Play in a place of your choosing even if it is too small for other ‘open terrain’ wargames.  Play a game of HOF Fire-Team with three fire teams a side (a total of 24 miniatures) in less than fifteen minutes! HERE.

Character based fast play skirmish rules for Science Fiction adventure in the far future. Includes campaign rules and characters with templates in 15mm and 25mm scale. Laserburn was released in August 1980 and represents a classic set of skirmish and roleplay rules for use with its own and other ranges of 15mm miniatures.  It has been developed and expanded ever since with a large range of infantry figures, vehicles and aliens along with many more scenario booklets and advanced rulebooks and expansions. The rules aim to simulate the heroic deeds of characters created and developed by the player as they take off in search of adventure in the Laserburn universe.  From robberies, skirmishes, bording actions, bar brawls and other small time act to full blown war within the Imperium.  These rules are used for almost any future scenario from those involving roving bands of space pirates, outlaws and revolutionaries to the forces of Law and Order on any highly developed world to frontier bandits or civilians and robots all the way up to the regular infantry of the Imperial Army and the heavy weapons of their vehicles and dreadnought armour. Laserburn is designed to be used in games with 12 to 20 miniatures a side, but the rules can be used with far fewer or many more figures.  HERE.

ASQL 2.0
In Alien Squad Leader, you can advance into battle with the pitiless bugs of the Hive Mind, the multi-legged Tripods, the cyborg infantry of the Enslavers, the mythical fighters summoned to serve the Children of the Gods, and many, many, other alien races. Or on the other hand, maybe you prefer the forces of humanity? There’s never been a better time to experience this exciting and fast paced squad-level wargame for 15mm science fiction miniatures.   Squad level rules with emphasis on ordinary troops.  Simple mechanics easy to understand which reward careful play.  Six pick up and play scenarios with clear and challenging victory conditions.  HERE.

Age of Might and Steel (AoMaS)
Have you ever wanted to field large fantasy armies with many blocks of infantry and cavalry with lots of monsters, artillery, heroes and magicians that looks great on the gaming table? Have you been put off by ever more complex rules and the need to spend many hours playing to get to the glory and thrill of victory?  Then The Age of Might and Steel is the rules set for you!  Play a full game inside an hour with 100-200 15mm Miniatures on the table. All the action played out using 1 six sided dice (1D6).  Armies built from Units made up of Stands of several miniatures. Add Generals, Monsters, Magic Users, Heroes and more to your Units. BIG Fantasy Armies easily controlled! The look of a complex battle without the headaches.  Create original scenarios or use the included Points System and Army Lists. Combine Armies into ‘Nations’ for even bigger games! For busy gamers who enjoy a rewardingly simple game that encourages tactics. This book contains all the rules you need to play, sheets of counters, army lists and also the ‘Elden of Groy’ four scenario linked campaign to get you started.  HERE.