Tuesday 4 October 2016

HOT37 Destroyer of Hope 15mm grand dragon returns!

September was a great month for 15mm.co.uk and as we now turn towards the autumn (I think its autumn but no one in Scotland ever sees the sun so who knows!) we are re-releasing the last two codes of our resurrection of 15mm monsters back into the HOT 15mm Fantasy range. This is the HOT7 Giant and the HOT37 Destroyer of Hope grand dragon. Both are online now with 15% off until the end of this month. This time we focus upon the largest monster in the HOT range which has been out of production for over two years and is a superb centre piece for your army. Go HERE or read on. 

The mighty HOT37 Destroyer of Hope Grand Dragon which is by far the largest monster in the range and makes a superb centre piece. It is now a high quality grey tone resin kit and no longer white metal. We have also changed its name slightly it is now known as the 'Destroyer' rather than the 'Swallower' as it used to be known (we have made a few changes so it is, unlike the others, actually a new model). Breath fire and rain down destruction! Go HERE.

HOT37 Destroyer of Hope Grand Dragon 
This pack contains one grey tone resin 15mm big monster kit supplied in seven pieces which are of a low level of complexity to assemble. When assembled the Destroyer of Hope stands rearing up from its rocky outcrop at 120mm from the rocks to the tip of its wings and 60mm to its mouth from the rocks. It is a grand dragon and towers over your enemies. Suitable for use with many different armies it suits many different fantasy races. Supplied unpainted and unassembled and shown on a 40mm by 60mm base which is not included. Choose from one pack or three packs saving 10% off list price. 10.00GBP Here are some other pictures of this grand dragon shown with other miniatures and items from our ranges to give you a sense of its scale and use in 15mm wargaming.  Go HERE.

HOT37 from the rear
HOT37 close view of the head and upper body
HOT37 close view of the feet, tail and rocks
The mighty monsters.  HOT37 next to a 15mm Human with HOT35 Giant Hydra!
Scale photo.  HOT37 with 15mm Human and HOB1 buildings
The HOT 15mm Fantasy Range contains other Dragons of vary size and use and price points and all of them are different. These include HOT23 Sitting Dragon which rests preening itself, HOT26 Flying Dragon which is a two part model in flight and HOT34 Wyvern which is a popular medium size flying monster.  We have the Undead nasty HOT100 Ghoul Dragon too. There is also the classic and truly ferocious P11 Old English Dragon which is among our largest and most complex white metal kits. You can see P11 below. Click on the links to visit the page on our website. 

As I outlined at the head of this article we have two re-releases this month on special offer. We will have a bulletin later this month about HOT7 Giant a perennial favourite in the range but it is online now if you wish to place your order sooner. 

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