Wednesday 28 September 2016

Big Hovel 15mm Fantasy building painted by Steve Dean

When a man gets an eye on a home he likes he often does his best to get his feet in the door and then decides to give it a lick of paint to suit his own tastes. A few days ago master of the paint brush Steve Dean whose work we showed earlier this month on our Tabletop Dungeon Party and our Anti-Paladins turned his attention to our HOB1B Big Hovel from the 15mm Human Settlement building range. Ain't it just lovely! Great work Steve. 

The HOB Range of 15mm Fantasy buildings currently has five different Human buildings and five different Orc buildings which are great for HOTT, AoMaS or any other fantasy system to go with your army as objectives or targets. 

You can see them all HERE and you have the choice of each of them or value bundles which save you ten or even twenty percent. All of the buildings were designed by Sam Croes and have been very popular with all of them having their molds replaced many times to keep the castings crisp. Dimensions of the structures are given on the website. 

If you are interested in our four new now resin monsters you have until the end of the month to get them at 15% off. The classic Tabletop monster Rhinosaurs along with the HOT War Mammoth and War Elephant too. Restored to normal prices on 1st October 2016. Go to the website or on our blog HERE and HERE for details and more images. 

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