Friday 9 September 2016

War in a Box Blog paints up HOT 15mm Skeleton Spears and Guard

It has been a mega month for spotting the great miniatures and more from on the blogs and projects of wargamers all over the world. It is my intention this month to show as many of these as I can to you. Some are science fiction articles but many are fantasy articles and this suits since we are in the process of re-mastering some of our classic 15mm monsters into new life in resin. If you missed that news you can read it HERE on our blog. I was kindly given permission to link up to the War in a Box blog which is a great resource for wargamers on a budget. 

You can see the original blog post titled 'A Little Something from the Closet' HERE and above the images of our 15mm HOT Undead miniatures. These figures are taken from the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range from packs HOT41 Skeleton Spears and HOT99 Skeleton Eternal Guard. Both popular packs of 16 mixed miniatures. Go to the page on this link to see all of our Undead HERE as we have many more. As well as packs we also offer a fantastic option of the 'sampler' on each code where you can choose to purchase one of each pose in the pack which is ideal for dungeon crawl and small scale skirmish with characters. 

It is well worth looking through the War in a Box blog at the many interesting updates where 'Warren' outlines his campaign and shows his painting and growing collection.  He has Tabletop Barbarians, Wizards and Pack Horses as well as much more there. I am a regular visitor to the pages myself. 

Thanks and well done War in a Box! 


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