Friday 2 September 2016

Classic Tabletop and HOT monsters withdrawn for now

A quick bulletin from the team here at to let all you 15mm fantasy wargaming fans out there know about our plan for September 2016.  We have withdrawn some classic Tabletop Miniatures and HOT Fantasy monsters from our ranges for now with the intention of returning them to the ranges after a change.  The change...they will be in resin!  

Yes.  We have taken the decision to put several monsters into resin and we will be re-releasing them in the middle of September 2016 with a special offer which will last two weeks until the end of the month.  We have make this decision for several reasons including ease of assembly for the larger monster kits and weight too.  It also means we will be able to keep the pricing the same and even reduce the price on several of them.  Cool!  Here is the list of codes removed for this rejuvenation.

566 Rhinosaur with Howdah
567 Rhinosaur

Two classic codes from the very dawn of modern wargaming which pre-date Citadel and are from the earliest of the 1980's.  The Rhinosaur is a monster in its own right and it is also a war beast for use with Lizardmen or other evil troops.  These monsters were white metal and will now be resin and reduced in price.

HOT7 Giant
HOT30 War Elephant with Howdah
HOT31 War Mammoth  with Howdah
HOT37 Destroyer of Hope Grand Dragon 

Four codes from the earlier part of the huge HOT 15mm Fantasy Range which now has more than one hundred different packs.  The classic HOT7 Giant which is a perennial favourite in HOTT and other armies all over the place.  After going out of production the HOT30 War Elephant and HOT31 War Mammoth will now be resin and reduced in price and both come as a kit including a small howdah into which a character or general can be put. Lastly a kit which has been out of production and off our website for two entire years!  The mighty HOT37 Destroyer of Hope Grand Dragon which is by far the largest monster in the range and makes a superb centre piece. It will now be in resin rather than metal and will be know as the 'Destroyer' rather than the 'Swallower' as it used to be known (we have made a few changes so it is, unlike the others, a new model).

We will post up the re-release and the special offer in about two weeks time.  We are making the molds now.....

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