Tuesday 20 September 2016

Steve Dean paints up classic 15mm Tabletop Dungeon Party

Earlier this month I put up a short article about the fine figure painter Steve Dean and his work on our HOT104 Anti-Paladins, which you can see on our blog HERE if you missed it. I have two more images on file here from last year that slipped my notice which are also by Mr Dean so I thought I would share these with you now as they are really good. You can visit his forum from where the images are taken HERE or read on for more information.

The classic 15mm Tabletop fantasy range has a lot of miniatures and monsters among its codes and while we have not as yet completed the re-release of all of them we have the majority of the codes online. Among the most popular are the Humans which include twenty five different poses all well suited to Dungeon Quest, RPG and character driven skirmish. Featuring Barbarians, Wizards, Females, Rogues, Bard, Paladins and many more you can see them all HERE on a specified search on the Tabletop page. Great for any system. 

Steve Dean has worked his magic on a selection of the Tabletop Humans taken from codes 501, 505 and 510. All of these can be had as single miniatures from our pages or as packs. However the most popular option is our great value saver skirmish packs which contain one of every pose plus some extra with a 10% saving. We have FST02 TTF Human Skirmish Pack and FST03 MDA Human Skirmish Pack. Below is our image of FST03. 

15mm.co.uk has put a lot of effort into bringing back not only Laserburn but also the Tabletop Fantasy range and the Tabletop Historicals too and we are really pleased that wargamers both experienced and new to this great pastime have sent us messages thanking us. Sure we want to make a reasonable living but we also want to keep the soul of wargaming intact too. 

Well done Steve and thanks for such excellent paint work!