Friday 22 November 2013

Jay's Miniature Enterprises blog - Laserburn Hovervan

After looking at the TMP over the week I came across a topic posting called Juju Storm Assails Third Rate Smugglers and Their Cargo.  I was quite taken with this great intro so I clicked on it and was surprised to see a Laserburn Hovervan amid a sandstorm (as below).  I wanted to be sure, so I asked and Jay confirmed the sighting!

Jay says his Hovervan is one of the original white metal ones but of course now all Laserburn vehicles are cast in high quality grey tone resin.  You can see them in the Laserburn pages of

Have a look for yourselves.  Jay must have put a lot of effort into these images and the excellent story that accompanies them.  Imagination is key to wargaming especially in science fiction so applause from all of us here.  Well done Jay!



  1. Well, I for one say, "Thanks!"

    1. Well deserved Jay and for a new blog more than two hundred people have read this posting.