Saturday 8 March 2014

The Sirrus APC comes to

RAP008 Sirrus APC Concept Art
Those wargamers who came onto Loud Ninja Games through their kickstarter and had included in their pledges the Sirrus APC will have their vehicles with them and will have seen the model in their hands.  Here at we also have some of these models and they were produced to a high standard.  A decision was taken by Loud Ninja Games to centralise all of their production for their range with us and that included the Sirrus APC.  We welcomed this decision and aim for the same high standard.

To that end as of the 10th March 2014 with the release of the Space Raptors on the Sirrus has gone into high grade grey tone resin production with us.  We are making one change to the initial kickstarter version of the model and that is the replacing the six resin weapons with identical weapons cast in white metal.  Currently we do not have a finished example to show you all but we will put one up on the website and on this blog as soon as we do.  Feel free to order in the meantime as we use the concept image presented here.

We expect this process to be complete in just over a week or so.

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