Monday 31 March 2014

RAP008 Sirrus APC revealed!

RAP008 The Sirrus APC
Back before the full release of Loud Ninja Games products onto I told you all in a blog post that we would be taking over the production of the resin RAP008 Sirrus APC and making it ourselves here in the UK.  This would be alongside all of the white metal Space Raptors.  Well we have!

Rear View
A view of the Underside
Although we have actually been shipping out the Sirrus in orders for two weeks now it was only this weekend that we got a painted up version ready.  This is to my knowledge the first painted example on the internet anywhere so please enjoy.

This is a lovely vehicle and aside from being supplied with six white metal guns (the kickstarter featured resin guns) its exactly the same as that vehicle.  As with the rest of the Loud Ninja Games products there is a value bundle platoon pack of these. Check it out!

The Bare Model
The Original Concept Art
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  1. As the sculptor, I want to thank you for doing such a great job painting that up!

    1. Thanks Andreas. I will pass that on. You did a super job on it, very nice 15mm model. Feel free to use the images on your own feed or blog etc. GBS

    2. Andreas did an amazing job of bringing my vision to life.

      We went through some crazy designs getting to that final one. Feel free to check out this post on the LNG blog for some of the early designs -

      Thanks for the top notch work, Andreas and Gavin. You both helped bring my dream to life.


    3. Thanks for the link Eli, very interesting. We did our best! GBS