Tuesday 18 March 2014

SHM Range now over a hundred different miniatures!

SHM01 Snake Alien
Back in 2009 when I had the idea for the SHM Range to add it to 15mm.co.uk I did not think that it would ever have over a hundred new designs to its name but with the release of the new 15mm Prang a couple of weeks ago it now does!

This total includes all of the SHM codes themselves in both fantasy and science fiction but also the whole Star Viking range that is classed in the wider sense as part of SHM with its space dwarves, space orcs and space warriors.  I was going to announce this a while back but I decided to hold back and ask if I could mark it in some way.  So now we can!

Two special announcements that apply to the SHM Range.

Firstly you can get 15% off your orders for any miniatures from the range with use of the promo code valid until 14th April 2014.  You can get the code and full details HERE.

Secondly I have gotten authorisation to make SHM01 Snake Alien, the very first miniature in the range, half price for the next couple of weeks.  That means its 50% off and you can use the promotional offer code on this too...heck its virtually free at that point!  Go along to our deals and offers page.

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