Monday 10 March 2014

Space Raptors in Action!

These Loud Ninja Games miniatures are so cool.  Who could fail to adore Space Raptors for their wargaming.  Check them out on the website.  But for sure you will want to see what they get up to on the field of battle so here is a little taste of it.  Enjoy and look to the captions for what is going on in each image. 

RAP009 Grav Bikes zoom out of the trees!
Ion Age Havelock and Retained vs Chuhuac Raptors and Battlesuits!
RAP006 Chuhuac Assault Troops try to take the hill from HOF SFA Elite Troopers
A SHM66 Skorath Merc takes aim at RAP009 Grav Bikes
RAP001 Chuhuac Troopers attack Ion Age Noblesse and Banner
RAP006 Assault Troopers and RAP007 Battlesuits advance!
RAP010 28mm Chuhuac next to a 28mm PM Trooper of The Ion Age
RAP010 and RAP011 28mm Space Raptor Squad!
Makes you feel all scaly eh!


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