Tuesday 18 March 2014

Salute 2014 Season for 15mm.co.uk..offers and releases

Its that time of year again and 15mm.co.uk is making its annual convention series of offers!  We will be attending Salute 2014 at Excel in London on Saturday the 12th of April 2014 as part of Alternative Armies trade stand.  Alternative Armies trade stand is TF07 and our theme this year is 'The Ion Age - 15mm Science Fiction'.  Our sister websites Alternative Armies and The Ion Age also have promotions running and are on our trade stand.

The Ion Age theme means that we will not be bringing any of our other ranges this year, that means no Flintloque and Slaughterloo or High Fantasy from Alternative Armies. No 15mm Fantasy or 15mm Historicals or Science Fiction (but the latest HOF 15mm Science Fiction will be there) from 15mm.co.uk. The products at stand TF07 on the day  will be entirely 15mm Ion Age range (miniatures, resin, terrain and books).

Code is: salute01

To that end we are offering a code to get 15% off any and all online orders with us valid until Monday 14th April 2014.  This offer is open to all customers across the world. If you are not attending then use it! If you are attending then use it!  As before we have the option to 'collect at salute' if you are attending which will save you the postage charge too.  If you choose to collect in person then, regardless if its from Alternative Armies or 15mm.co.uk or The Ion Age your package will be waiting for you with your name on it at Stand TF07, ask for it by name.

Use the code 'salute01' as it appears here during the checkout process on page two of the process (that is after you enter your payment details) on same page page as your postage choice in the  DISCOUNT box and your product total will automatically reduce 15% on screen.  Choose Collect at Salute if you are coming on the day and save the postage too.   Attending or Not Attending use The Code!  Go along to our other websites where they are offering 15% off all orders and collection on the day too.  You can learn more about promo codes on this page of our website.

We have a number of releases coming up during the promotion period up to 14th April.  We are always fair to our customers so here is a listing of those release so that you may time your orders if you wish to wait until a particular release is made:

March 18th – HOT95 Ghosts  (go here)
March 24th – V008 Laserburn Glaive APC (all variants)
March 24th – V009 Laserburn Imperial Scount Car vehicle (all variants)
March 31st – FMS01 15mm Modern Tents
March 31st – FMS02 15mm Torn Modern Tents
March 31st -  HOT34 Wyvern Remastered and Custom Pack

The discount code can be used to save on all of these new releases.

On the day of Salute 2014 we will have select brand new codes on the trade stand (TF07) which will be released ON THAT DAY for you to purchase (appearing on the website soon after) when beyond this promotional period.  These are:

HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret  (Resin and White Metal Kit)   
HOF28 Charger  APC (Resin and White Metal Kit)   

Two new HOF Codes created for use with Alien Squad Leader 2.0 or if you prefer any other 15mm game system such as USEME.  We will be having an introductory offer on them so not to worry!

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