Tuesday 25 February 2014

New SHM 15mm Horror Miniatures Released!

Something lurks, something slithers, something that paralyses the mind has arrived in the SHM Range from the hands of Fjodin our favourite Australian designer.  Well actually its two things both of which are creatures of horror perfect for scenarios set within Eldritch Horror or science fiction or even post apocalypse wargaming too all in 15mm scale.  Read on!

SHM74 Human Faced Helminth
SHM74 top view

SHM75 Lesser Flesh Shoggoth
1 White Metal 15mm scale miniature. Can your sanity survive an encounter with the Human Faced Helmith! Sharing the features of a man and a snake with the evil of both this is a perfect creature for your forces od evil. Approx 15mm long and 9mm tall. Choose from one miniature or ten of the same miniature with a 10% saving. 0.50GBP

1 White Metal 15mm scale miniature. Another nightmare for your Eldritch Horror of Post-Apoc settings, the Lesser Flesh Shoggoth.  A mound of bubbled jelly like flesh with a gaping maw it will attempt to consume all that it encounters.  Approx 10mm across. Choose from one miniature or ten of the same miniature with a 10% saving.  0.50GBP

Go to the SHM Range for these miniatures and the others in the series.  But that's not all...read on.

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