Monday 10 February 2014

HOF Alien Greys by Zrune Lord

Zrune Lord's Grey Army!
I got an email at from a charming fellow by the name of Angelo who goes by the name of Zrune Lord online.  He has a great blog called 'Picts from the Front' on which he continues his adventures in 15mm and 28mm science fiction wargaming and terrain building.  I had a look around and its a fine blog to read with a lot on it.

He wanted to show me his love for our HOF 15mm Grey Aliens which are one of the highest selling lines we have and I liked his work so much I wanted to share it with you all.

Scratch Built Mecha with officer from HOF49
Grey Warhost is the name of the blog post and follow the link to read it in full.  It features a lot of images like the ones used here but also some humour and scratch built mecha and terrain.  Nice work!

Death to all Humans indeed!


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