Tuesday 25 February 2014

Eli Arndt talks about Conversions in the SHM Range

SHM62 Varlish Envoy
One of the most prolific miniature designers in the SHM Range on 15mm.co.uk has posted up an article on his own blog 'I See Lead People' (I know great title!) all about his work in the range.  Eli Arndt has created many unique designs and new alien races from the Vergans to the Prang (more on them next month) and his Starport Denizens selection too.  You can see them all by clicking on the link to our website.

SHM20 Vergan
This sculpting blog post focuses on conversions of his existing Vergans and Burgansian along with the Calamite Preacher into new and different versions or new and different species.  It is a very interesting read and well worth a look.  Not only for the modelling but also for the thought that Eli puts into the names and cultures that these 15mm science fiction sculpts represent.

Go to the blog post HERE.

Working with Eli is always fun for me, he is a really nice guy.  I am proud to have been the one to give him the chance to put miniatures that would otherwise not have existed into wargamers hands the world over.


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