Sunday 23 February 2014

Alien Squad Leader 2.0 back in stock!

One of the best 15mm Wargame Rule System is now back in print and back in stock at the brand new website of! Hurrah!

In Alien Squad Leader, you can advance into battle with the pitiless bugs of the Hive Mind, the multi-legged Tripods, the cyborg infantry of the Enslavers, the mythical fighters summoned to serve the Children of the Gods, and many, many, other alien races. Or on the other hand, maybe you prefer the forces of humanity? There’s never been a better time to experience this exciting and fast paced squad-level wargame for 15mm science fiction miniatures.

Written by Alex Self we are fully committed to supporting this title with lots of new science fiction miniature releases starting right now with SFA Elites and SFA Jump Troops on the website.  The book is 12.00GBP but you can take advantage of the new website discount code for the next week to get 10% off it and everything else you order at the same time.

Go to the website to read all about the ASQL book.

We would like to offer you all a code for 10% off your orders from the 23rd February to 27th February as a little incentive to come on by. 

The code is 'newsite' which you enter during the checkout process in the discount box.  Go to our postage and discount page for full information.

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