Saturday 3 May 2014 now on The Miniatures Page

We are now a paid banner advertiser on The Miniatures Page.  It took a bit longer than I would have liked but then you cannot complain eh.  This means that all of our releases and our special offers will be linked up from this blog to TMP from now on with smaller news items still here and possibly on the forums of TMP as well.  See our banner page HERE.

The Miniatures Page is without a doubt the biggest wargaming portal in the known universe (perhaps the Grey Alien's have one bigger but I can't get the address for it!) and every day it supplies news and opinion on every genre of wargaming and beyond.  I enjoy reading it and commenting every now and again across the week.

Our first news article just happened to be the HOF28 Charger APC vehicle kit release.  Here is a screen grab of it today.

Top News Article on Sat 3rd May 2014
Now I am off to work on something for 15mm Fantasy and also for Alien Squad Leader too.  Since its the weekend I save the pure gaming theory tasks for these times.  The Most Fun!  Blog posts to follow next week.

Thanks for Reading.


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