Friday 4 July 2014

UM005 USEME American Civil War - Out of Stock

In a surprise turn of events had a big run on printed USEME titles and also Downloads of USEME as well over the last twenty four hours.  Not that we are complaining but it has totally finished our stock of the printed booklet for UM005 USEME American Civil War and as a result this product has been removed from our website.

The paid for download version is still online and we are considering a new print run in a week or so.  If you wish to register your interest in USEME American Civil War or anything else USEME related please send us an email to and we will let you know when its back in stock.

With the completion of my tripartite year long process of building and moving forward the websites for, Alternative Armies and The Ion Age I should have more time for more titles in the USEME series in the near future.  Certainly Bob McAlister's USEME Prohibition Gangsters is nearly ready.


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