Wednesday 11 November 2015

ASQL2.0 Alien Squad Leader rules and resource links

The fantastic and unique 15mm scale generic science fiction element base rules system Alien Squad Leader (ASQL) 2.0 is now back in stock at  Written by Alex Self and published in 2009 it is a high quality A4 format perfect bound book with several perforated pull out or copy reference sheets at the rear. Made in Scotland it is priced at 12.00GBP. Unlike other 15mm scale science fiction systems it is totally and I mean totally generic with army templates for anything from Human Colonial to Mechanoids, Hive Mind, Alien Greys, Outlaw Gangs and more!   To that end you can visit the ASQL page on the website HERE.  Or read on for an account of what is in the book followed by web links to resources and reviews for free.

ASQL Rule Book - 2nd Edition.  15mm Science Fiction
Squad Level Wargame Sci-Fi Rules with an emphasis on the ordinary troops not Heroic Characters. Simple Game Mechanics that are easy to understand but which reward careful play. Includes six pick up and play scenarios with clear and challenging victory conditions. The ASQL 2.0 rulebook is perfect bound and has eighty pages and several perforated pull out token and reference sheets. Get into one of the finest 15mm sci-fi rule sets on the market!


In Alien Squad Leader, you can advance into battle with the pitiless bugs of the Hive Mind, the multi-legged Tripods, the cyborg infantry of the Enslavers, the mythical fighters summoned to serve the Children of the Gods, and many, many, other alien races. Or on the other hand, maybe you prefer the forces of humanity? There’s never been a better time to experience this exciting and fast paced squad-level wargame for any 15mm science fiction miniatures.  All miniatures are assembled into units on element bases and into an army built on points.  The rules use two sizes of element base 50mm square and 100mm by 50mm rectangle.  Go HERE.

Includes rules for:  Inferior Infantry, Regular Infantry, Power-Armoured Infantry, Heavy Weapon Squads, Monstrous Infantry, Robotic Infantry, Heavy Droids, Battle Mecha, Recon Droids and Drones, Fighters, Shooters, Riders, Beasts, Monstrous Creatures, Thralls, Close Flyers, Dropships, Distant Flyers, Crewed Weapons, Floaters, Defence Turrets, Light Vehicles, Light Transports, Mobile Artillery, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Armoured Transports, Assault Tanks, Main Battle Tanks, Refugees, Police Units and Psionic Powers...

Fourteen Army Lists (Templates) provided in the book:  Human Imperial, Human Colonial, Outlaw Gangs, Imperial Strike Force, Alien Imperial, Alien Warrior Caste, Tripods, Alien Enslaver, Cyborg Enslaver, Mechanoid, Hive Mind, Victorian Imperial, Children of the Gods and Alien Greys.  Each template has its own special rules as well as unique unit types and traits.  Build your 100 Point or larger army using one of the army lists. Full Contents of the ASQL 2.0 Rulebook by section are as follows; 


1.0 What you need to Play
1.1 Model Terrain, 1.2 Miniatures, 1.3 Wargames Equipment

2.0 Troop Classification 
2.1 Infantry, 2.2 Droids, 2.3 Primitives 
2.4 Flyers, 2.5 Defensive Weapons, 2.6 Vehicles
2.7 Equipment, 2.8 Unit Type Quick Ref Table

3.0 Preparing for Battle
3.1 The Pre-Game Sequence, 3.2 Scenarios 
3.3 Setting out Terrain, 3.4 Winning the Game

4.0 Visibility and Line of Sight
4.1 Terrain Affects on Visibility

5.0 Command, Control and Movement
5.1 Sequence of Play, 5.2 Command and Control
5.3 Overwatch, 5.4 Movement

6.0 Shooting
6.1 Direct Fire, 6.2 Indirect Fire, 6.3 Hits and Saving Throws

7.0 Reaction Moves

8.0 Close Assault
8.1 Close Assault Order of Play, 8.2 Combat Results 
8.3 Attacking Installations, 8.4 Vehicles in Close Assault 

9.1 How to Use the Army Lists
9.2 HUMAN IMPERIAL and Special Rules
9.3 HUMAN COLONIAL and Special Rules 
9.4 OUTLAW GANGS and Special Rules 
9.5 IMPERIAL STRIKE FORCE and Special Rules 
9.6 ALIEN IMPERIAL and Special Rules 
9.7 ALIEN WARRIOR CASTE and Special Rules 
9.8 TRIPODS and Special Rules 
9.9 ALIEN ENSLAVER and Special Rules 
9.10 CYBORG ENSLAVER and Special Rules 
9.11 MECHANOID and Special Rules 
9.12 HIVE MIND and Special Rules 
9.13 VICTORIAN IMPERIAL and Special Rules 
9.14 CHILDREN OF THE GODS and Special Rules 
9.15 ALIEN GREYS and Special Rules 

10.0 Optional Rules
10.1 Fast Play 10.2 Mixed Infantry Squads
10.3 Burning Vehicles 10.4 Tall Buildings
10.5 Using Characters in ASQL

11.0 Resources

12.0 Pull out Reference Sheets

Review, Group and Free Files Online!

You can download the ASQL2.0 Errata File from our dropbox account by clicking HERE.

There are many online references to this rules system across various platforms and you are are free to search for them dating back to 2009 however one of our favourites is the Dropship Horizon review of ASQL2.0 written by Mark which is greatly respected.  You can see that HERE.

There is an online ASQL community located on Yahoo Groups.  You can go to it HERE and join up to talk about the game.

Thanks for Reading.


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