Friday 17 January 2014

Titanium 15mm Sci-Fi Painting Contest now on Dropship Horizon Blog

Its painting competition time over on the great Dropship Horizon blog, focal point of all 15mm science fiction wargamers.  Open to all comers there is a list of suggested entries and there will be prizes too for the winners.  This is an excellent idea to keep away the blues of the deep freeze period of the year.  Check it Out!

The painting competition runs from 15th January 2014 to 15th February 2014.  You can enter a squad or a single vehicle or a piece of terrain or structure.  Full details on the post.
How about a HOF Zidhe Space Elf squad?
As an aside I would be mighty happy if a wargamer won by entering something that we make and to that end although we are offering an offical prize along with many other companies I will be happy to mail out an additional wee surprise to any winner who used our products.  On top of this since I am a great guy I am happy to digitally edit any pictures you want to send to DSH blog to make them shine; just email me or comment below.   If any of our codes win I will personally make sure your loyalty is rewarded!


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