Wednesday 3 September 2014

Skeleton Staff

The Summer has been really busy for us.  None of us got any time off or a break.  So before there is a spark of mutiny we will be going quiet for a little while.  Hopefully catch the last of the good weather.  From the 4th to the 11th of September we will not be releasing any new products and aside from vital email and communications we will be silent online.  There is nothing amiss but in these days of hi-tech living we try to speak every day and since we will be all going our separate ways this will not be possible.  

The normal Goblin staff will be replaced with a temporary 'Skeleton Staff'.  Listen for the rattle of bones!

Continue to send in your emails and comments, orders and questions as normal and they will be attended to in a week or so.  While I cannot speak for the others and what they will be up to I myself will be using the time for a bit of a jaunt about and also to do some fine calibration of some wargame rules I am working on.

As a little hint for what will be happening from the 12th onwards across we go!

Alternative Armies - First Look at Finished modular Ferach Dragoons! - Corporate Ashigaru are Coming!

The Ion Age - Sneak Peek at the Mullo AFV!

Thanks for Reading.


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