Tuesday 23 September 2014

The Prang by Space Jacker and Sam Croes

The Prang are some of the most popular miniatures in the SHM Range at 15mm.co.uk.  Sculpted by Eli Arndt (he of Loud Ninja Games fame) they are aliens of impressive stature suitable for any aliens inclusive space opera setting.  This popularity has seen the Prang get to almost every corner of the world from Brazil to Poland, Canada and Australia too and pictures of them appearing on the web.

Last week a favourite painter of 15mm science fiction miniatures from many manufacturers and sellers put up his own vision of the Prang.  This fellow was Spacejacker a chap who has featured here before with his impressive painting.  As it turned out his vision of the Prang was greatly different to that of Sam Croes (lead designer at The Ion Age) who painted up our own Prang on the website.  This was brought to my attention by a couple of emails asking if I had seen the difference.  That is the central message of this post...to show you these visions.

There is a massive difference in the interpretation of the Prang between these two excellent miniature painters.  Spacejacker goes for a blue skin tone combined with a light into white armour built up from grey tones and lighted up with red lines and circles.  Sam Croes went for an orange skin tone and various shades of brown finished with gun metal and off white details.  These are the same miniatures but they look so different.  Well done to both of them!


Lastly I have put a special promotion on the value packs of Prang on our website.  Go HERE to see them and they are currently at 15% off their normal price for the next week or so.  So if you want more Prang or fancy trying your hand at these excellent paint jobs this is your saving chance.

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  1. The few I ordered arrived in the post, along with the rest of my order, on Saturday, I look forward to painting them up! Great painting from both painters and cool looking miniatures.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mark. Its good all around. I look forward to seeing your Prang go into battle against your Retained Knights. GBS