Thursday 28 August 2014

Normans Offer at!

NC6 Norman Command Set
We have some very large ranges of 15mm scale historicals here at  Some might say we do not show them as much love as we do our big Fantasy and Science Fiction ranges but that ain't the case.  We seldom have releases in this area compared to the others and since almost all our news is releases it does not get mentioned much.  But they are there and they are popular too.  So  we have a special offer for you on Isarus brand 15mm Normans from now until the 12th September 2014.

We are offering 15% off the regular prices of all N and NC codes which are single miniatures or small sets for maximum choice.  The prices are all changed on our site and all you need do is add to the cart.  Go HERE.

The Normans

N1 Norman Swordsman
N2 Norman Heavy Mail Spear
N3 Norman Heavy Scale Spear
N4 Norman Medium Spear
N5 Norman Arriere Ban Spear
N6 Norman Arriere Ban Javelin
N7 Norman Archer
N8 Norman Crossbow
N9 Norman Infantry Command (2 Miniatures) 

NC1 Norman Knight
NC2 Norman Mounted Retainer
NC3 Norman Breton Heavy Cavalry
NC4 Norman Breton Light Cavalry
NC5 Norman Knight charging
NC6 Norman Mounted Command (3 Miniatures)

The Norman Range is well suited to any 15mm scale historical wargame system such as DBA, DBM and so on.

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