Wednesday 14 December 2016

Wrapped for Trouble a free USEME Festive scenario

Hello USEME fans! 

The festive range at is great fun and it expanded again this year with a fourth new code and as before that means a new USEME scenario adding to the stable of the Terminus Arc, Abominable Weather, Branch Face and Cold Thing. We present the forth themed winter scenario. Our last new content of the year and releases too.

Wrapped for Trouble - A scenario for two players or solo play. While the Malmute Mercenaries face their own troubles at the Hegemony station across its far side a new faction has entered the fray. Snowmen, Xmas Trees and Snow Monsters all try to prevent a horde of Psycho Presents from reaching their own rendezvous at the station! 

CLICK HERE to download the scenario from our dropbox account for free as a PDF to your computer or device. Its easy and great fun and will only need your of miniatures some dice and about half an hour of your time. Excellent! 

You can download all of the festive scenarios from this special link HERE if you are lacking any. 

You can find the Festive Range on its own page of our website HERE 

If you do not have a copy of USEME UM001 15mm Science Fiction you can get it on our website as a download HERE

Merry Christmas! 


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