Tuesday 4 August 2015

Galleys and Galleons rules from Ganesha Games now in stock

The latest book from Ganesha Games written by Nic Wright is now in stock at 15mm.co.uk. This book adds to our range of Ganesha titles including Songs of Blades and Heroes and many others in print. If you wish to see this book and the others on our website click through now. HERE

Galleys and Galleons 
By Nic Wright 
Paperback 80 Pages 

Galleys and Galleons is a standalone set of naval wargaming rules based on the Song of Blades engine. G&G allows players to fight out fast-paced naval battles without cluttering the table with charts or unnecessary record keeping. Easy to learn, fast to play. Games concluded in around one hour. Use any miniatures in your model ship collection scale elastic. Flexible: each player commands up to 6-7 ships; fleet games are possible with multiple players per side. Additional rules cater for mythical beasts, submersibles and more. Expansive - includes rosters for 36 historic vessels plus numerous shore forts, monsters and more. 

I have had a read through this book and its great fun. If I played water borne wargames I would highly rate Nic's work as a chosen system. 

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