Tuesday 9 December 2014

Free Flit Car and or Hover Wagon with Laserburn orders

This is our last offer at 15mm.co.uk until Xmas Eve and our three day special (watch our blog for this one on the 24th December) and its being run upon one of the true legendary ranges of 15mm miniatures; Laserburn. Classic 15mm scale science fiction that is very popular the world over due to its big selection of military, civilians, aliens, robots along with vehicles that just buzzes with possibilities. A lot to choose from. You can find Laserburn HERE

Here is our festive Laserburn offer. From now until the 23rd of December if you purchase ANY item from the Laserburn range, from one miniature, one vehicle, one gun turret or book up to an order of any size we will put automatically and free into your order one V101 Flit Car worth 1.50GBP. Excellent! But there is more. If you have have at least one Laserburn Value Pack (LB01 to LB20 codes) in your order as well then we will ALSO place a free V104 Hover Support Wagon worth 4.00GBP into your order. Brilliant! You need do nothing but order and we will add the free items on your behalf. 

We will continue to ship out orders right up to the closing of the UK post offices but essentially you need to get your orders in during this week and into next week to ensure they arrive with you in most cases. But if not then it will be soon afterwards that the package arrives. We will also continue mailing packages into the new year. 

Merry Christmas! 



  1. The Flit has been and still is my favorite Scifi vehicle ever. Seeing this hover craft some where on a blog, back about five years ago, actually was one of the factors that led me onto the path of my on going journey down the Road of Outer Rim Thrills and Adventures.


    1. Thanks for your comment Jay. I enjoy reading your posts online of your miniature adventures. The Flit Car is a classic and I see it pop up all over the shop online and in demo games at conventions too.