Monday 22 December 2014's Winter Dates for Free Shipping, 15% off code and Monster Survey

Welcome fan of and customer of one of the greatest collections of 15mm scale miniatures in the world. Its been a good year for us with a scattering of releases and surprises that saw us continue to grow and to do excellent things that make people happy. Top among these were HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret and V106 Law Officer Air Raft for 15mm science fiction, HOT3T Troll Value Pack and the Tabletop Dungeon Adventurers packs for 15mm Fantasy and the Altuos 15mm Renaissance range for 15mm Historicals. In our range of book titles we sold out of a whole print run of Age of Might and Steel. We also saw a really awesome surge in the SHMP20 Prang Bosses pack designed by Eli Arndt. Not seen these? Click the links and have a look. 

Before we begin in earnest with the awesome I want to tell you all about this festive season for us. As you might know is one part of a bigger family that also includes the mighty and the rapidly growing Its been a busy year for us; increasingly so.  In fact we have all been working six or even six and a half days a week since the late summer and now we have taken on more staff too.  We have experienced a surge in demand for everything that we make from miniatures in 15mm scale to miniatures in 28mm scale as well as resin vehicles and terrain, pro-painted miniatures and armies and also books.  As a result we had been a little behind on shipping out orders (normally we ship our four or five days week).  We are taking a break for a few days for Christmas and the seasonal closure of the freight companies and the post office but deliveries will commence once more as soon as things return to normal.  Let me take this chance to thank you all for your support this year and always.  2015 is going to be an epic year and for it begins on.

We have four pieces of news for you that concern the coming weeks.

15% Off Code for Three Days: 
 From 24th December through 25th December and during 26th December this code will get you 15% off everything on the website. Enter code 'fifteen' as it appears here (without the ' ') during the checkout process on page two of the process (that is after you enter your payment details) on same page page as your postage choice in the DISCOUNT box and your product total will automatically reduce 15% on screen. This applies to all miniatures, all books, all vehicles, all pro-painted, all army packs. The code will work for these three days only. For full details on using codes see the last part of this PAGE on our website.

Festive Range Withdrawn: 
On Tuesday 6th January 2015 the Festive Range will be taken down and shelved until winter 2015. So if you want to purchase the SN01 Evil Snowmen and or the SN02 Killer Xmas Trees you have until then. When the range returns it is our intention to expand it again with another code as we did this season. Go to the Deals and Offers page until 06.01.15. 

Free Worldwide Shipping Week: 
 From Monday 12th January 2015 until Monday 19th January 2015 we will remove the postage for standard UK and International Airmail and replace them with FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Place an order as normal and select free postage during checkout and there you go! This applies to all orders of all values and as many orders as you like worldwide. 

Customer Monster Survey by Email:  
We are planning a major expansion of our HOT 15mm Fantasy Range next year with more than a dozen new packs and a part of this is the creation of new Monsters, Creatures and Behemoth codes. We are going to ask for our customers input in this directly. Almost all the releases in our HOT range are based on wargamers requests but this is a new thing for us to ask directly. We will make the top FOUR creatures a miniature reality in 2015. So if you are not on our Mailchimp list email us on asking to be put on it. The survey will be sent out in January 2015 and all you will need to do is read it and then reply with your choices. 

So now that you know what is coming make your notes and your choices and plan your campaigns a new for the next season. Will it be festive before they leave for another year or will it be a saving off normal prices or will it be that most rare of things shipping worldwide? 

Lastly there will be no further posts on our blog until January next year but we will be issuing reminders by email and on social media such as our Facebook page. 

So as we say here in Scotland “Hae yersel a merry Christmas an a guid new Year”!!!  See you all 2015!



  1. Hi Gavin. Lots of exciting news in this blog post. Looking forward to getting the survey and hopefully taking advantage of all the offers!

    1. We do like to make wargamers smile and thanks for your comment Chris. The survey will be epic with a top possible of ten new monsters I think. We have near a thousands asks and the survey will decide it. The offers were all asked for too. GBS

  2. Oh! And of course, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!