Thursday 5 June 2014

HOF105 Galactic Knights pack released!

The Senate must be protected from the psychic assaults of the Utlragaranians or its crystal walls will crumble and the galaxy will be exposed to the mind tearing death of civilisation. A duty of rescue falls to the Galactic Knights who with their swords drawn and cloaks aflutter in the starry breeze do the bidding of the forces of well meaning. Riding among the flow of space these warriors of true and virtue will lay waste to the planets of the evil ones. Glittering beams and shining blades against tentacles and teeth amid a landscape of lava and blackened skies.”

HOF105 Galactic Knights
HOF105 Rear View

HOF105 Galactic Knights 
This code contains 10 white metal 15mm scale miniatures in a random mix of four different space opera human poses. Armed with energy swords, pistols and rifles and wearing finely detailed and jewelled powered armour with a cloak. As with all of our HOF codes you can choose to purchase one pack or three packs and save 10% off the price automatically on screen. You can also choose individual poses from the pack at a great price which is a way to totally customise your purchase. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases (basing in the pictures at 20mm Rounds). All miniatures are one piece castings. Go HERE.

Here are larger pictures of the single miniatures from the code running from A to D:

These miniatures were sculpted by Sam Croes as a result of a really fun art jam earlier this year. Sketches passed between a few talented and created people which formed gradually into a fantastically space opera set of miniatures. Art Jams are not the normal way that we come up with ideas for new miniatures but it was an excellent new experience for all of us and much more like what I imagine must occur in the computer games and film industries. Who will save the universe from the fantastical evils that threaten innocent humans and the like? Galactic Knights of course! 

If there is enough interest in this new pack of HOF miniatures then we will be more than happy to expand the Galactic Knights into a full force including command, support and so on. I have a number in mind but if you are really keen to see more of these fellows then comment or send us an email at

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