Thursday 26 June 2014

FMS03 Rocky Outcrops Set released at

A terrain release this week across us and our sister brand The Ion Age. Not as glamorous as our usual goodies for wargaming (such as the HOF105 Galactic Knights) but high quality and very useful for any genre of wargaming and indeed scale. Our brand new FMS03 Rocky Outcrops were actually created originally for our internal use for playing games such as Patrol Angis (yet to be released at The Ion Age) or Alien Squad Leader or even Flintloque as scenic terrain pieces to be placed as chosen on the table terrain but we have chosen to release them too. They are scale elastic and can be used with 6mm, 15mm, 28mm miniatures and in anything from science fiction to historical and fantasy wargaming. They are highly detailed but can be painted up as chosen for woodland, desert or even with Martian (ohhh la!) features.

FMS03 Rocky Outcrops Set
This pack comes with three different highly detailed polyurethane resin terrain pieces depicting large several levelled outcroppings of stone or rock. 

The three pieces are as follows. Firstly (FMS03A) the medium sized 90mm by 50mm and 20mm tall rock with a recessing rear side, secondly (FMS03B) a larger rock with a sheer rear and small area to the front sized as 85mm by 75mm and up to 25mm tall and lastly the wall like rock (FMS03C) the largest at 115mm long, 45mm wide and 25mm tall. 

Versatile and you can buy the set or buy three sets and save 10% along with a choice also of purchasing single rocky outcrops as well. Price per set is 8.00GBP. Go HERE.

FMS01 and FMS02 Modern Tent Packs
"Veritable tent city it was. Well it would be, they was all in tents at the time. A whole town evacuated before the K-Strain took the streets and the dead heads were stumbling all over the shop. We put bullets into the heads of every Zed we seen and kept those people safe...well nearly all of them. Few of the tents got some extra visitors."

We have two great packs released back at the end of March 2014 of Modern Tents in 15mm scale resin suitable for many uses in modern, near future, science fiction and zombie war settings which were the first releases in the FMS series. Two different styled Modern Tents in FMS01 and in FMS02 two different torn tents which have been subject to a vicious animal or man or even Undead attack. Price per two tent pack is 2.00GBP. Go HERE.

We also have a blog post featuring Mr Harold's video review of our Modern Tents which you can check out if you wish HERE

I would like to thank everyone who came in on our set of One Week Offers which ran for the last week. We will be looking at the results and thanks for your emails suggesting future offers we could make too. has not yet decided if we will run these offers again but we will of course let you know if we do.

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